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  1. Round 18 Results

    Leicester City 3 - 2 Aston Villa After being two nil up after 15 minutes, we did our best to throw it away, but Maguire won it in the 85th minute! In reality, a point would've been enough to secure the title, but it was great to finish with a win and secure my second successive Wolf League title! Commiserations to Burnley, they did their job but thankfully we did ours too. CHAMPIONS!!
  2. Round 16 Results

    I'm an idiot... Thought today was last game for some reason lol
  3. Round 16 Results

    Missed out on promotion on goal difference. Gutted.
  4. Round 15 Results

    No problem at all, and thank you for updating it. Again, it wasn't meant as a criticism as the error was my own fault. Appreciate the quick response @David :)
  5. Round 15 Results

    Im not arguing the error as I didn't spell it how it is in the roster, but could you correct the roster for future reference please as it's spelled Y_Bolaise and I added him in Notepad with the real life spelling.
  6. Round 14 Results

    Intended to rest Maguire, but Bertie got injured after 3 mins and he played full game lol
  7. Round 13 Results

    Leicester City 3 - 0 Southampton Very pleased with my win, even against their Assistant Manager. But it puts us in a fantastic position to push for promotion. We're 1 point off the top! @David - please could you change my manager name on the match reports when you have a moment? Thanks
  8. LMS - Game 2

    Well played @Eduardo
  9. Round 12 Results

    Leicester City 3 - 1 Crystal Palace Much needed win for the Foxes, with Vardy and Mahrez doing the damage. Feared the worst as we went 1-0 down, but turned it around and got a massive three points. Commiserations Palace, but I am really pleased to get a win here! Also just realised we've jumped massively up the table with that win, and with Palace second, we managed to get an even bigger three points than I expected before!! Awesome result.
  10. Round 11 Results

    Burnley 0 - 0 Leicester City Sent out a very mixed team in this one to get some balance back to our fitness, and we picked up a respectable draw away at second placed Burnley. We were countered throughout, but had the ability to keep Burnley at bay. A very solid start to my tenure here, and hopefully we can build on that. We've a long way to go to compete with sides like Burnley, but very pleased with this result. Good game @stocko74
  11. LMS - Game 2

    Let's make it interesting, I'll take Brighton.
  12. Leicester City

    Thank you, not really working out for me at Chelsea, so would be good to get a more active manager in at Stamford Bridge to save them
  13. Leicester City

    Name: Will Schoolar Email: willschoolar@live.co.uk ESMS Experience (if any): Current manager of Chelsea, would like to move to Leicester City.
  14. LMS - Game 2

    I don't think I've used them yet, so I'll go Tottenham
  15. Round 9 Results

    QPR 2-1 Chelsea Another dreadful performance, we're bottom of the league at the half way stage, with our only win against Arsenal who have moved above us again after this result... really disappointing season!