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  1. willz121

    Round 17 Results

    Manchester United 1 - 1 Leicester City On reflection, this is probably a fair result, but reading the report their late equaliser was disappointing to take. We matched Manchester United for 90 minutes, and a draw is more than acceptable. They have a much stronger side, and have worked over seasons to build a strong side and it's something we need to take heed of and focus going forwards. After an indifferent season, we are guaranteed a top five finish and we could even sneak up to third if results went our way next time out. We travel to Crystal Palace, a team who I caretakered last season, and have had an excellent season themselves. Big games all round! GG Tom
  2. willz121

    Semi Final Leg 2

    Boca Juniors 8 - 0 Corinthians WOW! I cannot believe that scoreline! We knew we had it all to do after we lost the first leg 5-0, but to turn it around and win 8-0 is simply incredible. Commiserations to Corinthians, and a massive tie awaits us in the final against Liverpool. Still just amazed...
  3. willz121

    Semi Final Leg 1

    Corinthians 5 - 0 Boca Juniors Well that's us out... I had tactical advantage for the whole game, and we just got stuffed... we got through the group stages at a canter, without conceding a goal, then go and concede 5 in the semi final. Second leg is a formality, highly disappointed with the way we performed.
  4. willz121

    Match 6 Results

    Boca 0-0 Tigres With qualification already in the bag, I named the weakest side I could to ensure that the players I needed for the next round would be fighting fit and free from injury or suspension. The game itself was a absolute bore, with Tigres failing to even make an attempt at our goal. Tony has commented that a point should've been enough to see his side through, and fair play to them that they played to that goal. We go into the semi finals against Corinthians now, with Tigres facing Liverpool, so it should be an entertaining knock out phase with three South American sides progressing. Well played Tony, tactics were spot on to get you the point that you wanted, and we both went through relatively unscathed. Good luck in the semis!
  5. willz121

    LOAN: G_Donnarumma*

    G_Donnarumma* 18 ita 25 2 3 3 24 5 300 300 300 This guy is available to loan to any team who will give him 100% game time for the remainder of the season. Cash bonus paid end of season dependent on minutes played: £10k per minute (5 games remaining x 90 minutes) = £4.5m
  6. willz121

    Transfer: Aston Villa to Leicester

    Confirmed by Leicester
  7. willz121

    Youth Leagues - Please Read

    A few potential options: Increase the maximum stat allowed in U21 Give the player a stat boost when they are promoted (i.e. if they get to 22, up them to a 23 and promote) Increase the abs gained in the U21 league Increase the abs gained end of season for U21 players Use skill abs, so essentially worse players would gain more abs (i.e. if a striker gets 30 abs for scoring a goal, a 25r striker will get 5 abs, whereas a 22r striker would get 8 ) They all have big plus and minus points, but just putting them in print for consideration / discussion
  8. willz121

    Round 12 Results

    Queens Park Rangers 2 - 0 Leicester City Apologies @Joe and @Daniel for missing my sheet. I have no idea how I didn't send it in as I have it saved on my Desktop to submit. Completely my fault and we deserved to lose this one based on my ineptitude. This was a very winnable tie, and one that I am frustrated about missing out on, but these things happen and we have to recoup and get ready for the next game. Apologies to any others affected by the missing sheet.
  9. willz121

    Youth Leagues - Please Read

    From my perspective, I don't really see a route into my first team for the players in my youth roster so it doesn't really offer me much of an incentive to put much time or effort into it. The only benefit to me is that when a player is promoted, I can sell them to buy players in the auction, which is probably the detriment of actually having a youth team in the first place. I also remember seeing Daniel comment that he will probably just use the basic teamsheet program to build his youths teamsheet, which doesn't really inspire confidence from the Admin that they are overly invested in the youth league either. I may be wrong, but I get the overall feeling that it is a lot more effort than it's worth. Player secondaries are so low that they are pretty much useless. I'm trying to think of ways to improve it, but finding the balance between youths being overpowered or useless is very difficult. I will think on this and try to offer something constructive.
  10. willz121

    LMS Round 4

    Apologies @David
  11. willz121

    Auction - B_Leno

  12. willz121

    LMS Round 4

    Manchester United please
  13. willz121

    Anglo-American Cup Group Match 4

    Everton 0 - 1 Boca Juniors They dominated the game, but we come out with another victory over Everton which sees us through to the next stage (assuming top two go through). Delighted with the result and our performance in this competition so far this season! Commiserations David, good luck in the remaining games.
  14. willz121

    Premier Division Match 6

    Leicester City 0 - 0 Liverpool Cannot apologise enough for this one. The sheet is created on my pc, as I had to double check just not that I hadn't lost my mind. My fault that I didn't submit, but wow Liverpool will be highly upset by this result... hopefully the real life result gives me some grace from Ed!! Apologies dude, my bad