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  1. Newcastle United 1 - 0 Leicester City Terrible performance, and terrible result as we drop back to the bottom of the table. It's my own mistake as I asked for a default sheet in midweek and the fitness was screwed so we had to heavily rotate the squad for what is a massively important game for us. We've given up the points here far too easily, and we really need to be better else we don't deserve the right to be in the top division. Newcastle did a fantastic job on us, and got the three points their performance deserved, but I can't help but feel with a bit more forward planning, we would've won this game and opened up a gap over our relegation rivals. Instead, we now have to pick ourselves up and look for other opportunities to pick up points. Fortunately for us though, the league is incredibly close and there is very little to separate fifth and tenth. Any sort of run of form for any side will certainly see them jump up the table quickly. GG Harry, I wish we'd given you more of a fight!
  2. Leicester City 3 - 1 Everton What a fabulous result this is! Delighted to read the game and see that we've managed to compete with one of the best sides in the game, and undoubtedly one of the best managers as well. We set up to constrain and hit them on the break, and despite going behind early on, we managed to come back strongly and get a result which opens up a gap to Newcastle and gets us off the bottom of the table. Good game Darlington, one of the rare times where I've actually got anything from a game against you on TheFMFA!
  3. Truly sorry for missing my sheet. Didn't deserve anything from the game and apologies go to Ryan and the Admin.
  4. Crystal Palace 0 - 0 Leicester City Is there an anger management course available for players, as both Gareth Bale and Alex Pato were sent off in this game, and it cost us getting the win. We were the better side, but being down to nine men really restricted our chances of winning. Disappointed to have another draw, with three in our first four league games, but we need to build on this and hopefully we can get the club moving in the right direction. Good luck for the season @GaryG
  5. 43 - 250 abs on any seconday on a Senior Player on A_Laporte (passing) please: A_Laporte 24 SPA 1 24 11 5 29 300 37 607 365
  6. Leicester City 1 - 0 Southampton Again, apologies for the random request. Beat a T tactic 1-0 and should've been more. Plenty to do in the second leg!
  7. Club America 0 - 2 Manchester United Apologies for the random request, although doubtful any side I'd have actually picked would've fared any better... fitness is blammed though so looks like our jolly in this tournament is going to finish somewhat early. GG Tom
  8. Please can we take prize 41 - 500 abs on any secondary on an U23 player, and add them to the tackling for L_Sherriff. Thanks L_Sherriff 18 gui 1 12 23 2 23 300 530 813 484
  9. Leicester City 0 - 0 Newcastle United Match Statistics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leicester City | Newcastle United Attempts on Goal : 1 | 1 Off target : 0 | 1 On target : 1 | 0 Possession : 53 | 47 Corners : 0 | 0 Red Cards : 0 | 0 Yellow Cards : 0 | 0 Subs Used : 3 | 2 Fouls : 7 | 6 Key Tackles : 3 | 3 Key Passes : 3 | 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Score : Leicester City 0 - 0 Newcastle United ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What an absolute waste of everyone's time lol home advantage and tactical advantage, but no cigar.
  10. Club America 1 - 1 Liverpool Team America managed to secure a massive result at home to global power Liverpool.
  11. On the front of it, we probably didn't deserve to lose that game, but away to one of the best sides on the game was always a big ask. Delighted with the performance and on another day, we might have come away with something. Good game @David, good luck going forward!
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    Leicester appoint C_Yates: C_Yates 19 sco 22 2 2 1 21 150 300 300 300
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