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      anymore transfers being done before sundays games
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      need to do the cup draw so i can do the build ups cheers 
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  1. Round 9 Results

    QPR 2-1 Chelsea Another dreadful performance, we're bottom of the league at the half way stage, with our only win against Arsenal who have moved above us again after this result... really disappointing season!
  2. Result - Fri Feb 16th 2018

    25 tk abs for K_Zouma please
  3. LMS - Game 2

  4. FMFA Cup Round 1 Leg 1

    Thanks @David
  5. FMFA Cup Round 1 Leg 1

    I've sent my sheet for Round 1, but looks like I've used the wrong round, @David or @Daniel - are you able to retrieve my sheet from there? Or could you PM me it and I can reply? I don't have a copy on this machine. Thanks
  6. LMS - Game 2

  7. Round 5 results

    Chelsea 1 - 1 Manchester United They say you don't get penalties against Manchester United, and unfortunately that rang true for us this round. We deserved more than a point here, but we remain bottom and winless after 5 games. Going to be tough to keep my job if results don't improve. Well played United, good luck for the rest of the season
  8. Round 4 Results

    I'm getting fired at this rate!
  9. Result - Fri 26th Jan 18

    R_LoftusCh'k* PS
  10. Match 3 Results

    I realised this last night after the deadline, my apologies. Chelsea 0-0 Sunderland Good result, despite us dominating play, we failed to even trouble Neuer with a shot. Disappointing performance by the forwards, but happy with the point after two defeats this season.
  11. LMS - Game 2

    Manchester United
  12. LMS - Game 1

    My mistake, saw I was tagged in the thread and thought we had started afresh - serves me right for not reading it properly. Sorry
  13. LMS - Game 1

  14. Match 1 Results

    The joy of football, and more inexplicably ESMS! Reminds me of countless games on Football Manager where you pepper a side, and lose 1-0 to their only shot on target lol
  15. Match 1 Results

    Lost to the guy running the games... Joking of course, but disappointed that we didn't get anything from the match as we dominated it. We've stepped up a league, and if our performances continue like this, we should do well, but we need to start finding the net fairly soon! Good result for Everton, and good luck for the season ahead @David