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  1. willz121

    Premier Division Match 6

    Leicester City 0 - 0 Liverpool Cannot apologise enough for this one. The sheet is created on my pc, as I had to double check just not that I hadn't lost my mind. My fault that I didn't submit, but wow Liverpool will be highly upset by this result... hopefully the real life result gives me some grace from Ed!! Apologies dude, my bad
  2. @David - I am indeed a long suffering Coventry City fan! Be interested in both of those challenges as Macclesfield also have a couple of our youngsters on loan. I've not actually managed to play FM19 yet so be good to try and get into it over the Christmas break!
  3. willz121

    Round 1 Leg 1 Results

    Leicester City 1 - 1 Watford Should've won this one really, but we didn't take our chances. A lot still to do in the second leg, but if we don't start converting chances we are going to have a very bleak season. Had to rest a couple of players after our random request at the weekend, so we weren't at full strength, but still think we should've won this one. Good game Ed, look forward to the second leg.
  4. willz121

    Anglo-American Cup Group Match 3

    Boca Juniors 4 - 0 Everton Sometimes a game just doesn't make any logical sense, but in an extremely even game we somehow run out 4-0 winners! I cannot explain it, and commiserations to Everton - won't tag you in case you've not read the game yet - but we will certainly take it. Surprised to match the Champions, surprised to win the game, and even more surprised by the scoreline.
  5. willz121

    Premier Division Match 5

    Needed a random as I forgot to sheet before I left work on Friday, so apologies to Daniel and Neil for that. Deserved to lose, and I need to start focussing on this game again else we are going to go out with a whimper.
  6. willz121

    Premier Division Match 4

    Leicester 0-0 Sunderland Literally nothing to see here, spend your time doing something else today than reading this match report. Two sides who neutralized each other to the point that it was reminiscent of the Disgrace of Gijon. Good luck this season Tony!
  7. willz121

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    I misread it, I read it as 24 hours from the end of Sunday, not the start... my mistake! Thanks @David
  8. willz121

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    If this is still open, Leicester offer 85m
  9. willz121

    Match 3 Results

    Queens Park Rangers U21s 1 - 1 Leicester City U21s Terrible performance from us, but we scraped a point. Not sure how, but very pleased we didn't get spanked here.
  10. willz121

    Stadium Expansion Open

    Leicester spend £20,499,000 to increase our capacity by 10,499 seats
  11. willz121

    Premier Division Match 3

    Leicester City 0 - 1 Queens Park Rangers Disappointing defeat as we had more chances but couldn't convert. A rotated side for fitness issues meant we weren't at our best, but hopefully results like this won't punish us in the long run. Well played Joe, good luck this season!
  12. willz121

    Match 2 Results

    Leicester City U21s 0 - 1 Burnley U21s Very little between the two sides, but Burnley ran out winners by a solitary Nabi strike. Not the best game for the purest out there, but we go again next time out. GG Neil
  13. willz121

    Premier Division Match 2

    Newcastle United 0 - 2 Leicester City Outstanding performance and result, and much needed. We have brought a few new players in, but it was the old guard who won us the day, in a match where we really should've had a penalty as well. Commiserations Harry, good luck for the season ahead!
  14. willz121

    LMA Round 2

    Thanks again @David - makes the weekend games something to look forward to for us lowly football league fans - other than my faltering Fantasy side lol
  15. willz121

    Stadium Expansion Open

    Leicester have 49,500 seats at the moment, so do I need to buy: 499 seats at £1,000 to make the stadium 49,999 10,000 seats at £2,000 to make the stadium 59,999 Is my understanding correct there?