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Status Updates posted by Burrows

  1. Burnley Scout has been found😂 he was found pished in Disneyland Paris reports coming in he was caught shagging goofy and Pluto in a threesome 😂 

  2. Burnley have been in contact with British police to put out a missing person report as there Scout hasn't been heard in days 😂

  3. Burnley has sent scout out looking for our next talent 

  4. Burnley has put pressure on the Manager if they don't get promotion this season they will be looking for a new manager!

  5. Wilfried zaha has handed in a transfer request. Doesn't want to be sitting on the bench 

  6. Buy Him Now Prices have been added for theses guys

    G_JesusJ, JorginhoJ, _Thomas, K_Grabara

  7. Burnley Fans cautious with new manager 

  8. Chelsea manager was close to leaving Chelsea and FMFA, losing the spark of the game but will stick it out  

  9. Worrying reports that Stoke City Manager isn't happy with board and fmfa. Could he be handing in is notice. Missed out on lingard and few other players.

  10. Where's the chatbox :o lol 

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