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  1. Joe

    Alisson Becker

    Whoever wins, if anyone, I'll give the same offer I did here if they're interested.
  2. Joe

    Alisson Becker

    I don't have cash but would love to get him, would you swap him for Perin and 5 mill and you can sell Perin instead.
  3. Joe

    Auction R_Sessengnon*

  4. Joe

    Auction R_Sessengnon*

    £50 mill QPR
  5. Joe

    Lotto Result 21/12/18

    100tk abs to N_Carlyle pls
  6. Joe

    Stoke city squad

    What kinda thing would you take for them?
  7. Joe

    Stoke city squad

    M_Sakho, D_Wheeler, O_Alfa* + 10mill for Thurston and Shaqiri?
  8. Joe

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    QPR £65mill
  9. Joe

    QPR <<>> FMFA

    R_Klavan - £11,000,000 C_Brannagan - £12,000,000 A_Gomes - £11,000,000 Total: £34,000,000
  10. Joe

    QPR <<>> FMFA

    Oh, thought Under 24 included 24, that's why the extra mill, fair dues.
  11. Joe

    QPR <<>> FMFA

    D_Wheeler - £24,500,000 R_Klavan - £13,500,000 M_Sakho - £17,500,000 C_Brannagan - £20,500,000 A_Gomes - £16,250,000 Total: £92,250,000
  12. Joe

    End of Year Youth Abs Award

    L_Miller 200 Pabs J_Arthur 200 Tabs C_Kendall 100 Pabs
  13. Joe

    FMFA Ultimate Team

    Sounds intriguing, I'd give it a go.
  14. Joe

    End Of Year Youth Abs Award

    Apologies but would take me an hour to put it properly on my phone. 200 Tabs on N_Carlyle and L_Mateus 200 Pabs on C_Kendall, R_Camacho and L_Millar pls
  15. Joe

    JET CUP (Season 11)

    QPR are in Bournemouth too if we attain safety.