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  1. In general I like the idea of U23 and the idea of developing players for main squad, thought lately the gap between U23 and main squad has grown too big. If other managers don't sheet, it's there choice, I don't see that as a big problem.
  2. Newcastle like to buy a senior scout for 7.5 mil. credits.
  3. Thought so, but as the youth games were listed in previous calendars I was not sure. Thanks.
  4. I miss the dates of the youth league games.
  5. Shouldn't it be RATING in stead of AGE?
  6. In my opinion don't start the season without processing the transfers, auctions etc. No problem to wait a few weeks more. To David and Dazoctaron; hold on and get well soon.
  7. Yeah, the link works. I joined the group.
  8. Yea your right I have missed yours and Sunderland's. Leave em with me and I'll sort.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Daniel


      And Wolves haha!

    3. David


      Wolves has been done and you have replied to it. They will be sorted before Wednesday's game.

    4. Daniel


      I know, I meant as well as Sunderland and Newcastle!

  9. Hi David,

    Seems like the Newcastle rerates request has been forgotten?


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