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  1. Neilr

    Round 11 Results

    Chelsea 0 - 0 Bournemouth Had the shots, had the greater possession and even had more players on the field for most of the game but couldn't get the one goal needed for a win. Having only one forward helped in the midfield (hence the possession etcetera), as did beign a man up, but that one forward we had wasn't good enough alone.
  2. Neilr

    Round 11 Results

    Arsenal U21s 0 - 0 Bournemouth U21s 14 shots to 3, 10 on target to 0, 77% possession and still failed to score getting a solitary point out of it and dropping us back into last spot. On the other hand a point away against a higher placed team (of course they all are now) is at least something.
  3. Neilr

    bou to ybo

    Please transfer J_Quigley* from the Bournemouth senior squad (bou) to the youth squad (ybo). Thanks.
  4. Neilr

    Round 1 Premier League Predictions

    Round 1 Premier League Predictions Friday 10th August 20:00 Manchester United v Leicester City - Bonus Match 2 - 1 Saturday 11th August 12:30 Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur 0 - 2 15:00 Bournemouth v Cardiff City 2 - 0 15:00 Fulham v Crystal Palace 0 - 1 15:00 Huddersfield Town v Chelsea 0 - 3 15:00 Watford v Brighton and Hove Albion 1 - 0 17:30 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Everton - Bonus Match 0 - 2 Sunday 12th August 13:30 Liverpool v West Ham United 2 - 0 13:30 Southampton v Burnley 2 - 0 16:00 Arsenal v Manchester City - Bonus Match 1 - 1
  5. Neilr

    LMA Round 1

  6. Neilr

    Result - Fri 3rd August 18

    Option 07 thanks, 50 Sh abs to L_Sgarbi*.
  7. Neilr

    Round 8 Results

    Sunderland U21s 2 - 1 Bournemouth U21s We were able to match them in the first half, though never looking like winning, but once we were a man down probably did well to keep it close. A red, three yellow and ten fouls suggests a session on anger management is in order for the lads this week.
  8. Neilr

    Round 8 Results

    Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 - 1 Bournemouth A fair result from the play of the game and overall an acceptable result away against a stronger team. Slowly though the leading group is slipping away from us and we are drifting towards the middle of the pack where we will probably finish the season.
  9. 1 Manchester City 2 Chelsea 3 Arsenal 4 Manchester United 5 Tottenham Hotspur 6 Liverpool 7 Everton 8 Crystal Palace 9 Newcastle United 10 Bournemouth 11 West Ham United 12 Leicester City 13 Burnley 14 Brighton & Hove Albion 15 Southampton 16 Huddersfield Town 17 Wolverhampton Wanderers 18 Watford 19 Fulham 20 Cardiff City
  10. Sunderland_U21s - Bournemouth_U21s Their midfielder Anderson is the best player on either side but overall a pretty even match-up. Hopefully if we can make the most of our chances we can get something out of it.
  11. Neilr

    Round 7 Results

    Bournemouth U21s 1 - 1 Chelsea U21s A good performance except in front of goal with a reasonable number of shots but a poor return from them. At least we are not still not last.
  12. Neilr

    LEAGUE ROUND 8 18 July 2018

    Wolverhampton_Wanderers - Bournemouth The Wolves are currently sitting below us, but their recent form is a little better and on paper they are a stronger team that could be hard to take a point off.
  13. Neilr

    Round 7 Results

    Bournemouth 0 - 0 Southampton A dull boring affair with a total six shots on goal for the two teams combined. The single point kept us in fourth, but on this performance unlikely to stay there long.
  14. Neilr

    Result - Fri 13th July 2018

    L_Sgarbi* to get 50 Sh abs please (prize 21 doubled).
  15. Neilr

    Chelsea Sale

    Sorry but as they are my best two players *(arguable about Ibe due to his low secondaries) they are both part of my long term plans.