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Hire An Academy Manager

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Daniel    20

You can now hire a manager for your academy. The academy manager will manage your youth team doing transfers, teamsheets etc. You can still do transfers/ demotions/promotions.

With transfers, they can scout and sign potential recruits to your team, usually 1 a month and if you want a player to be sold you can ask your academy manager to sell them and they'll get rid of them.

To get a basic academy manager just reply to this thread. Its free.

To get a good academy manager it will cost £5,000,000.

To get an outstanding academy manager it will cost £10,000,000

To get a world class academy manager it will cost £20,000,000.

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Daniel    20

Strictly speaking the better the manager the better the team will do, the better players they will scout and the better fees they will get for your transfer listed players.

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