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FMFA Sales Season 9.

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After deliberation sales to the FMFA Sales will stay for this season where you can sell unwanted players to the FMFA.

Prices are:-


16 - £1,000,000

17 - £2,000,000

18 - £3,000,000

19 - £5,000,000

20 - £10,000,000

21 - £13,000,000

22 - £15,000,000

To sell to FMFA create a transfer in transfer processing from your team to FMFA Sales for the players. (e.g. eve<<>>FMFA Sales)

Please include rating and sale price for players to make processing quicker. (e.g. J_Bloggs 18 - £3,000,000)

Thank you.

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