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martial to manchester

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spurs boss neil stockley has spoke after he put martial up for sale and got quite a few offers for him . i put him up to see what i would get and i got some very good offers for him , but the man utd manager approached me and said i want him . so after some negotiations we agreed a deal to swap him in a 2 for 1 deal . it had to be a good deal as hes only 21 and rated at 23 and i wanted move cover in my squad and knew what i wanted and what direction i want to take my team in . i know my team isnt as good as some of the other teams in the league but by getting some more players in to add some depth to my squad is a good thing , i can also put a few players up for sale to raise funds and improve my squad even more . the fans are not happy i have sold him to a rival but i will do what it takes to make my team a winning one , i dont want to be a 1 man team and i can prove that we can win without martial when we beat liverpool . so deal done martial goes to old trafford and coming to white hart lane is 

Marcelo       28 bra  2 22 13  3 25 598 790 258 311

a excellent passing defender as i like my defenders to pass out from the back 

D_Welbeck     26 eng  2  3 12 22 23 598 112 250 588

is still young and a lot of time ahead of him still and i am happy to have in joining my team  i did get offered rooney but i dont someone that old as i already have cavani up front . overall i am happy with the deal and also with the depth of my squad now , i will put a few players up for sale to raise some funds or maybe even do a swap deal who knows. plus i also have a couple of strikers in my youth team nearly ready to come to the 1st team just going to keep an eye on them , and thats why i can afford to let martial go or did i make a mistake only time will tell 

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