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Season 10 League Structure Layout

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Quite simple, each team will have 10 teams next season meaning we will be adding 4 teams to the game. These teams are to be confirmed after discussion between the staff team. However that leaves 4 places in the Tiger League once the two teams have been relegated. Two of these will automatically be taken by the teams from the Wolf League (1st and do they have play-offs in the Wolf League or is it automatic promotion? I have no idea!) Therefore the other 2 places will be decided by a round robin league.

The remaining 6 teams from the Wolf League, (NOT THE 4 NEW TEAMS) will join the 2 teams relegated from the Tiger League and will play each other once. No home advantage will be applied. 8 teams playing each other once will result in 7 games each. The top 2 teams from this mini pre-season league will be promoted to the Tiger League. As there will be no abs/fitness/injuries./suspensions in this tournament it will be played VERY quickly (2 games a day over a week) the week before the new season starts. The season will start about 3 days after this tournament ends.


Any questions?

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Right play off was set by you and is just 2nd and 3rd. 

Anyway that doesnt bother me. Who is running this mini league round robin? 

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