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From season 10 it is mandatory for all teams to have an assistant manager and each team will be charged £500,000/calendar month for his services

Each team will be able to nominate a set formation for the assistant manger to play in the absence of a sheet from the manager. Teams who have already a formation this season, may change this.

Teams that currently have a formation registered are:-

YDL Premier League:-

Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City,Newcastle QPR, Tottenham.

YDL Tiger League:-

Chelsea, Leicester, Man Utd.

Any team who is unmanaged will be given a 442 random formation each week until a new manager takes over who can then select a formation if they wish. Any managed team not selecting a formation will get a 442N formation.

During the season if a manager wishes to change his formation for the AM to play they can do so at a cost of £500,000 and by messaging @David. A manager can only do this once per season. 

Now is the chance to set your AM formation for season ten for the sheet tactic in the managers absence. Please PM myself @David with your required AM formation/tactic e.g 442P, 4132C etc. This must be done by 14th Jan 2017 as we aim to start new season then.

Fees will be taken with finance update at the end of each month.

@wmcg1984 @Daniel @David @Eduardo @Tom @harry51 @Joe @willz121 @stocko74 @BantamHD @Burrows @Deefa @Alice @Nocky @Tony @macca @iZombie

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Right the charge for your AM will be taken in finances at end of the week.

The following have no AM tactic registered.

Aston Villa @wmcg1984, Southampton @Alice, Tottenham @Deefa, Bournemouth @Joe, Burnley @stocko74, Crystal Palace @BantamHD, West Ham @macca

If any other manager wishes to change their current tactic free they have until 8pm Sunday 28th January 2018 after which it will cost as per above.

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