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FMFA Auction

Round 2 Season 10 Auction Results

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OK the bids are below with winning bids in bold

D_Furlong*  £26,000,000 Leicester

A_Smithies  £5,000,000 Newcastle

K_Benzema £70,000,000 Stoke,  £25,000,000 Man Utd

N_Vlasic*     £20,500,000 Everton

A_Rudiger    £91,500,000 QPR

A_Rami        £5,000,000  West Ham

D_Cal-Lewin*  £65,00,000 Crystal Pal

Sunderland had a no bid as no amount was put on their PM

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3 hours ago, Tony said:

ah fuk 


it was suppose to be 6m lol


can i pay 40m?? seein as no one bid ??

I am sorry mate, I do understand your frustration but you are not the only team not to get anyone from the auction.

It would be unfair to let you buy at whatever price and not others.

What I will say is those on the auction that weren't sold will be used during the season for spot auctions but not this month.

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