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This is a competition for Lent. For the heathens and non Christians amongst us Lent is the pre-Easter period and runs from 14th February 2018 until Maundy Thursday 29th March 2018. Basically it is 6 weeks approximately.

So what do you have to do for the competition. Well that bit is easy you need to post the equivalent of at least 1 media story a week or a minimum of 6 in the period to get into the prize draw. Each piece must be at least 4 lines minimum which is approx 100 words.

There will be enough prizes for all who manage to enter but the main prizes up for grabs are

1st prize: 1 x 19 year old 19 rated youth player.

2nd prize: 1 free scout pack (basically worth £5,000,000 credits) so if you haven't enough credits to scout a player you will have with this.

3rd prize: £5,000,000 to club finances.

1 free suspension/injury pack  guaranteed as prizes for entrants who don't win major prizes

Bonus is you will be getting your £500,000 for each media post as well so post the 6 and you bag yourself £3,000,000 just for the posting.

I will post a weekly tab of how many each team has got in this thread. 1st time will be a week Sunday on 25th Feb 2018.

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Right should have posted up who has done what by now.

Anyway 4 weeks in and this is how many each team has so far.

Totals from 14th Feb to 11th Mar are:-

Sunderland 3

West Ham 3

Liverpool 2

Burnley 1

Everton 1

18 days left to get a minimum of 6 for the draw.

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We will extend the competition over the Easter Weekend so you have Good Friday to Easter Monday as well to submit stories to get to six.

Updated to Yesterday 

Totals are:

West Ham 6 (qualified for draw)

Everton 5

Sunderland 3

Burnley 3

Liverpool 2

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Right the final counts were

1: West Ham 11 

2: Everton & Burnley 5

3: Sunderland 3

4: Liverpool 2

5: Arsenal 1

The only team who managed 6 to qualify for draw was West Ham. @macca  will  get the youth player added to his roster.

The rest get a free injury/suspension pack for entering and will be added to their totals for use when they wish.

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