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LMS - Game 3

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Everyone is back in and able to pick in the first round of selections for Last Man Standing Game 3 for season 10

Due to FA Cup Quarter Finals the next games to pick are from 31st March 2018 

Simple rules, you just pick a team to win. If they win you pick again but not a team you have already used. If they lose or draw then your out. We keep going until we have a last man standing. This season there is a £5,000,000 pot for the round winner and each team you pick that wins gets you £100,000 to your credit fund as well. Bonus this season is a 19 rated youth player will be going to the season winner.

Game 3 starting fixtures to select your winning team are:-

Due to FA Cup weekend they are following weekend but plenty of time for all to guess.

Saturday 31st Mar
12:30 Crystal Palace v Liverpool
15:00 Brighton v Leicester
15:00 Manchester Utd v Swansea
15:00 Newcastle v Huddersfield
15:00 Watford v Bournemouth
15:00 WBA v Burnley
15:00 West Ham v Southampton
17:30 Everton v Manchester City

Sunday 1st April
13:30 Arsenal v Stoke City
16:00 Chelsea v Tottenham

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Right amazingly everyone got a winning team on the first guess. So all get to guess again but not the team they used already.

@Eduardo @harry51 @stocko74 @David @Nocky @BantamHD @Daniel @Deefa @macca @Adam Riley

Fixtures are:-

Saturday 7th April
12:30 Everton v Liverpool
15:00 Bournemouth v Crystal Palace
15:00 Brighton v Huddersfield
15:00 Leicester v Newcastle
15:00 Stoke v Tottenham
15:00 Watford v Burnley
15:00 WBA v Swansea
17:30 Manchester City v Manchester Utd
Sunday 8th April
14:15 Arsenal v Southampton
16:30 Chelsea v West Ham

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Right out are @Daniel, @Deefa @Adam Riley who all forget to put a second guess in.

Also out due to a loss or a draw are: @harry51 @Nocky @BantamHD @macca which leaves......

three who had a winning entry and get to pick again but no team they have already used. The three are @Eduardo @David @stocko74#

Fixtures are:-

Saturday 14th April 2018
12:30 Southampton v Chelsea
15:00 Burnley v Leicester
15:00 Crystal Pal v Brighton
15:00 Huddersfield v Watford
15:00 Swansea v Everton
17:30 Liverpool v Bournemouth
19:45 Tottenham v Manchester C
Sunday 15th April 2018
13:30 Newcastle v Arsenal
16:00 Manchester Utd v WBA
Monday 16th April 2018
20:00 West Ham Utd v Stoke City

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Well the so far run away leader @Eduardo lost with man Utd and is out which leaves just two left who won, @stocko74 @David

Limited fixtures due to cup semis but 6 fixtures is 12 teams and both have only so far used 3 so you should have 9 teams to pick from minimum.

Fixtures are:

Saturday 21st April
12:30 WBA v Liverpool
15:00 Watford v Crystal Palace
Sunday 22nd April
13:30 Arsenal v West Ham Utd
13:30 Stoke City v Burnley
16:30 Manchester City v Swansea
Monday 23rd April 
20:00 Everton v Newcastle Utd

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