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Transfers - Please Vote

Which Transfer System Do You Want  

14 members have voted

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  1. 1. Which Transfer System Do You Want

    • Transfers All Season (as we currently are)
    • Transfer Windows (2 windows)

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We have been discussing the transfers and a possible transfer window system and decided to put it to the vote.

before  you get to the vote consider this

Currently we have no window but last season over half the transfers were sales to FMFA or auction buys or youth promotions due rating of 22 and subsequent unattached buy to replace them. In fact only 42 transfers between clubs out of 179 last season which is 23.4% of transfers. So the market is not that active. So would windows make it a more active market for the time they were open?

You also need to consider that at present if you got a bad injury to your best player or you aren't doing well you can now just go in and try get another player just like that. If there were windows you wouldn't be able to so would that even it up in the league. It would make you have to cope with what you have rather than just think I'll change them all.

It is also now an 18 week season so not that long, we started this season on 14th Jan (game 1) and 18 games done by 11th April - 3 months. Now with new cups it will be slightly longer next season but it's not to long, so the counter is will windows make much of a difference as the season isn't that long and there is usually a lot of activity pre-season as teams juggle players etc.

Plenty to consider and other arguments I'm sure but do think about it don't just, for want of a better analorgy, vote tory because your parents did. 

Ok the vote is above and you will be voting to stay as we are with transfers all season or to a new window system where we will have 2 windows. The first window will be pre-season and close after game 3. Then reopen at half way after game 9 and close after game 12..

Please do vote and put your thoughts if you have any.

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I voted 2 windows market is usually dead so might liven it up a bit just make sure you have a good roster to cope with injuries etc 

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I've gone for "all season" because it's a short one anyway and I don't think windows will necessarily increase any activity.

I'm not sure why the market is so slow. Having 3 auctions in a season should mean loads of activity. Potentially 2 questions that may affect activity more than windows:

1. Does the "1 bid" auction setup encourage activity? With such a high chance of missing out, are the big clubs encouraged to take gambles?

2. Are the auction players better than what's in the game? Looking at the last auction, there wasn't one player that would have improved Liverpool's first team. So why would their manager want to raise cash to take part?

It also seems that there are loads of players in the game all rated very similar. So all the clubs have decent backups and there's little need to work the market. In that aspect, the game hasn't been setup for transfer activity in high amounts.

Just my 2 cents worth. Having only been here a season, it's a good version of the game and i've enjoyed my first year a lot. I wouldn't presume to tell the admin how to do their jobs so not criticizing anyone or anything.

Edited by Nocky

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All comments are welcome no matter how long you've been on game.

It is good to get other ideas and thoughts as well as it helps and often someone may say something that makes you think "that's a good point" or "I hadn't thought of that".

your point 2 @Nocky is very valid and will make me look at the pre-season auction now to ensure there are some players even the big teams may want.

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Personally I don't mind. I don't think it makes a huge difference. If it would be easier for admins to only have windows and therefore less workload then that's fine if they think they can manage then all season. 🙂

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Right it looks like we have a clear winner now with the majority having voted so it will remain as it is next season as anytime transfers in the season.

Please note I will be more strict this season with transfers and they will be definitely once a week on Sunday/Monday morning and hopefully Wed/Thu morning. Both after games.

The cut off will be 8pm on Sunday and Wednesday and any transfers after that will be processed at the following transfer window. If all goes well any transfers between Wed 8.01pm and Sunday 8pm will be processed after games on a Sunday or Monday morning.

Transfers posted between Sunday 8.01pm and Wednesday 8pm will be processed after games on a Wednesday or Thurs morning. If for any reason these can't be done and that is rare then they will be done on the following Sunday window.

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