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The FMFA League Cup Rules

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This is a new competition for season 11.

The cup will involve the remaining teams in both Tiger League and Wolf League not involved in the Anglo-American Trophy which is 12 teams.

To get 16 teams there will be four teams introduced for the season 11 competition and these for teams will enter the league for season 12 in the Wolf League so for future tournaments there will be 16 teams.

The four teams are yet to be confirmed apart from Huddersfield Town who will be one of the teams.

Competition Format.

Straight Knockout tournament which will be 4 rounds. The first three rounds will have two legs with teams playing each other home and away. Away goals will count double in the event of a tie after the two 90 minute games. If still level then extra time and penalties (if required) will be played.

The Final will be one match on a neutral ground and extra time and penalties will be used in the event of a tie if required.

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Venue for the first competition will be Stadium of Light (Sunderland) This has been chosen as Sunderland won the FMFA Trophy in season 7 in its last season and therefore never got to host the following season, which would have been their right.

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