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After Willz win in round 1 everyone is back in to enter.

The rules are the same you have to select a team to win, a draw or loss and your out. If your team wins then you then pick again but you can't pick a team you have previously used in the round.

This season as last we will score you so you get a point for a correct guess and $100,000 to credit fund and 1 bonus point for the last man standing each round. The Last man Standing will then get $500,000 to credit fund for winning the round.

The overall season winner will get a 18 rated youth player (they can choose position). Second will get £5,000,000 to finances.

Free to enter so what you got to lose people.

@BantamHD @willz121 @Eduardo @Deefa @Tom @harry51 @Joe @Tony  @Neilr @Daniel @stocko74 @Aldridge @Alice @Nocky @macca @iZombie @Graham

First fixtures to pick your first winner from are:-

Saturday 22nd September 2018
12:30 Fulham v Watford
15:00 Burnley v Bournemouth
15:00 Cardiff v Manchester City
15:00 Crystal Palace v Newcastle U
15:00 Leicester v Huddersfield
15:00 Liverpool v Southampton
15:00 Manchester Utd v Wolves
17:30 Brighton v Tottenham H
Sunday 23rd September 2018
13:30 West Ham Utd v Chelsea
16:00 Arsenal v Everton

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Out after first guess are @harry51 (man U drew) @BantamHD (bournemouth lost) & @macca (Palace drew)

Through for a second pick  are @willz121 @Nocky @David @stocko74 @Neilr @Daniel @Tony @Graham

Remember you can't use a team you already picked so the team in your first pick.

Fixtures are:-

Saturday 29th September 2018
12:30 West Ham Utd v Manchester Utd
15:00 Arsenal v Watford
15:00 Everton v Fulham
15:00 Huddersfield v Tottenham H
15:00 Manchester C v Brighton
15:00 Newcastle v Leicester
15:00 Wolves v Southampton
17:30 Chelsea v Liverpool
Sunday 30th September 2018
16:00 Cardiff v Burnley
Monday 1st October 2018
20:00 Bournemouth v C.Palace

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On 9/24/2018 at 10:47 AM, Nocky said:

(You have Liverpool down to play twice)

Thanks. I've changed it.


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Right @Graham did not enter a pick so is out of this round. Everyone else backed a winner so @Daniel @willz121 @Nocky @stocko74 @Tony @David @Neilr all get to pick again. REMEMBER yo can't use either of the two teams you have used so far in LMS2 (check above if unsure who you picked)

Fixtures are:-

Friday 5th October 2018
20:00 Brighton v West Ham Utd
Saturday 6th October 2018
15:00 Burnley v Huddersfield
15:00 Crystal P v Wolves
15:00 Leicester v Everton
15:00 Tottenham v Cardiff
15:00 Watford v Bournemouth
17:30 Manchester Utd v Newcastle
Sunday 7th October 2018
12:00 Fulham v Arsenal
14:15 Southampton v Chelsea
16:00 Liverpool v Manchester City 

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