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Youth Sheeting Bonus Season 11

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It was agreed that those teams that sheeted 75% or more for youth league and cup would get double the youth abs bonus for this season.

Six teams achieved this and qualify for the double abs.

They are:

100% sheeted - Bournemouth U21s, Everton U21s and West Ham U21s

95.45% sheeted - Burnley U21s

88.0% sheeted - Stoke City U21s

85.0% sheeted - Liverpool.

Everyone else was below 75%.

The bonus goes to the manager who sheeted and if they move clubs it goes with them. So Stoke's will go to Villa as @Nocky earned it. All other teams above still have current managers who earned the bonus.

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15 minutes ago, Nocky said:

I'm assuming I don't get to take mine to Villa with me? 😢

No Nocky it is the manager who sheeted and earned it so it stays with you and goes to Villa. Obviously they won't have earned as many abs to double but it's yours.

If you had moved mid season it would have gone with you to Villa then so same now.


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