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Manager List Season 12

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Premier League 
Arsenal - @BantamHD
Burnley - @stocko74
Crystal_Palace - @GaryG
Everton - @David
Leicester_City - @willz121
Liverpool - @Eduardo
Manchester_United - @Tom
Newcastle_United - @harry51
Queens_Park_Rangers - @Joe
Sunderland - @Tony

Division 1
Aston_Villa - @Nocky
Bournemouth - @Neilr
Chelsea - @Aldridge
Manchester_City - @Deefa
Southampton - @Alice
Stoke_City - @Graham
Tottenham_Hotspur - @Daniel
Watford - Vacant - Caretaker @Eduardo
West_Ham_United - @macca
Wolverhampton_Wanderers @ThisBitchBites


To PM a manager just click the name above and then choose message on the profile name..

All teams marked Vacant can be applied for in the relevant thread in the job center

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