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burnley start the rebuild

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burnley manager has spoke after he has started building his team up ready for the new season in the big league . i know i need better players as i wpnt survive unless i bring some  players in and some may have to leave and i have started already by selling a couple of players and bringing a couple of players in 1st the 1s who have left are 

D_Santon      27 ita  3 21 13  4 24 418 179 367 131

who goes to vila for 13 mil pounds and also leaving are


J_Guomundsson 27 ice  2  3 22 10 23 300 348 592 483
C_Woods       26 new  1  3  3 22 24 300 357 354 909 

for a combined fee of just under 25 mil pounds to  the fmfa sales and i have also sold 2 youth players to get some more funds in the 2 players leaving my youth team are 

O_Bayode      18 eng  2  2  4 18 20 300 355 417 155
K_Mpofu       17 eng  2 17  3  2 19 300 475 451 355 

both going to liverpool youth for 5 mil pounds i could afford to let these to go as i have 5 strikers and 1 to many middies plus i want to try bring another player in to freshen my youths up 

now the players i have brought in to help us in the big league and they are from my former club spurs who have been relegated which is sad to see due to mismanagement so i have brought to work with me again are 

A_Herrera     29 esp  2  4 24 11 27 300 124 355 874   
J_Shelvey     25 eng  2  5 24  5 27 300 387  65 447

for a combined fee of 60 mil pounds which is a lot of money for a team like burnley but it needs to be spent on 2 quality players to help my midfield out . i am not sure how much i have left so i may have to rely on a couple of loans but i need to sit down with the board and find out what i can bring in to help us but i do know i need at least another defender and if i have anything left at least another striker  but for now i am happy to bring these to quality players in #fm19comp

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