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FMFA Sales Season 12

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The new FMFA Sales from Season 12 will be.


1) No player under 21 may be sold to the FMFA unless they do not qualify for the youth team. This means they must be rated 22 or above for outfield players or 24 and above for goalkeepers.

2) No player aged 34 or above maybe sold to FMFA

3) No player rated 24 or above outfield or 28 or above goalkeeper maybe sold to the FMFA. 

Starting Prices 

GK 21/Outfield 17 Price = £ 5.25m
GK 22/Outfield 18 Price = £ 7.50m
GK 23/Outfield 19 Price = £11.25m
GK 24/Outfield 20 Price = £15.00m
GK 25/Outfield 21 Price = £11.25m
GK 26/Outfield 22 Price = £17.5m
GK 27/Outfield 23 Price = £24.5m

Age Rating


24-30 = Nil
23-17 = add £1m for each year below 24. (e.g. 19 year old = + £5m)
31-33 = minus £2m for each age above 30. (e.g. 33 year old = - £6m) 

Secondary Skill

0-7 = Nil
7-13 = add £1m for each skill above 7. (e.g. 12 rated seconds = + £5m)

Example: Selling a 22 rated 19 year old with seconds of 10. This would be £17.5m + £5m for age +£3m for seconds = Sale Value £25.5m

To Sell A Player to the FMFA please post a thread in Transfer Processing with subject FMFA<<>> Team (where TEAM = selling team)

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