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FMFA Auction

FMFA Auction - Victor Moses

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Versatile winger Victor Moses has now become available and the FMFA are offering him for auction.

V_Moses       27 nig  2  6 23 11 24 300 300 300 300   0   0    0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0 100

Minimum starting bid must be £15,000,000 or above and all increases on previous bids must be a minimum increase of £100,000.

The auction will run until midnight on  Monday November 5th 2018, from this point on once there have been no bids within the last 24 hours then the last bid will be the winner.

To bid please stated your bid and which club you are bidding; e.g Brighton £15m

Please note the winner bidder must have sufficient funds to buy at their bid. If they do not the auction will re-open with that teams bid removed. The team will also be banned from bidding in the re-auction and the next spot auction.

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