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FM 19 November/December Challenge

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Team: PARMA CALCIO 1913 - Serie A

Background: After a tumultuous few years that saw the original Parma re-founded as Parma Calcio 1913, the club is finally back in the top-flight of Italian football after three successive promotions from Serie D – a record in Italian football. The current squad features a mix of seasoned pros such as Gervinho and Bruno Alves as well as a host of promising loan signings including creative midfielder Alberto Grassi and talented striker Roberto Inglese. Your first task as manager will be to keep Parma in the top-flight

Setup instructions:

Load a new game of FM19. Choose the following base leagues: Italy  Spain, England. You might add as few or many other leagues as you want. Database size is totally optional. Tick off: Do not add additional staff and prevent use of in game editor. All other checked boxes should be unticked. 

Start the game with the following criteria:

Sunday League Footballer and National C-License coaching badge. You can move the attributes of your manager how you please. 

Manager birth year 1996, day and month is optional so all who play are same age etc.

Aim: To do as well as possible in all the Italy (League and Cups).

Scoring system

Points will be awarded for final league positions 

Finishing position                  League Position

Bottom 3 (relegated)             0 points

Bottom Half (11th to 17th)  2 points

Top Half (7th to 10th)          4 points

5th or 6th  (europa league)  6 points

2nd to 4th                              8 points

1st                                        12 points

Points will be awarded for progress in Coppa Italia

Criteria                                    Cup Points/Cup

Knocked out in 1st phase (rounds 3 or 4)    0 points

Knocked out in round of 16                            1 point

Knocked out in quarter finals                        3 points

Knocked out in Semifinal                               5 points

Losing finalist                                                  8 points

Winner                                                             10 points


Submission: Please post your submission including the following screenshots:

- Setup screen when you  start the game as Parma

- League Table at the end of the each season you manage to get done and shots of cup achievements if you reach stages worth points.

Feel free to update as much as you want during process, but at least submit with these screenshots as a minimum.

See how far you get in 1 season.

When you reach the end of 2018/19 season take the screenshots. Scoring is for first season only but if you want to play on and see if you can get them to europe or the title then please do.

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If you want to do this in earlier versions you can but only for last 3 before this as they went bankrupt and started again in Serie D as PARMA CALCIO 1913.

Depending which version you do it on will see you start in Serie D, C or B.

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1 hour ago, willz121 said:

Tempted to try this, my pc won't run those three leagues without killing itself, so can I just load Italy if I try it? 

Not a problem the other leagues just give bigger range for transfers/scouting but that said you wont have the budget of a Juve or Milan etc. Using just Italy is fine and good luck.

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How has everyone done or not done.

I was full of the best intentions but haven't really got started as have been busy.

I have kicked it off and won first couple of friendlies but not had chance to progress further.

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Ok we can extend over December.

I have got two goodies lined up for new year then

1 for @willz121 and rest of us is can you restore a fallen giant and take Coventry City back to the Championship and maybe beyond. I am right in thinking you support the Sky Blues Will?

Second is, Can you do better than Sol Cambell? The ex-England defender has moaned about not getting managers jobs and has just landed his first at Macclesfield who are in real life currently bottom of League Two. How can you do in one season as them, can you save them or get them up even?  Will your position be higher than Campbell's in real life? 

Those are the two I'm toying with at mo anyway.

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@David - I am indeed a long suffering Coventry City fan! Be interested in both of those challenges as Macclesfield also have a couple of our youngsters on loan.

I've not actually managed to play FM19 yet so be good to try and get into it over the Christmas break!

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