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Avoiding The Drop

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They all say it's early days but is it? 

We are over a quarter of the season in with 5 games gone out or 18, in fact nearly a third of the way through and teams are shuffling in the Premiership to avoid the drop and relegation.

After five games we have just one point between the bottom six teams or over half the league. Amazingly five teams all sit on 5 points and are separated by goal difference or goals scored. All the bottom six are alike in that they all have only won one game so far. The fun fact here is that as six teams are involved they can't all have played the teams at the top but must have played some of their counterparts. That says they are even more alike and deciding who goes down this season may come down to goal difference in the final analysis.

What may be more worrying for two of the teams is that they were in the top four last season and now both sit in the bottom three. Is that just a quirk? Is it teams coming up and in the Premiership are becoming closer in their abilities and players? Is that these two teams, Arsenal and Newcastle by the way, have played a couple more games as they are in the Anglo-American Cup that started early in the season. If that is the case will a good cup run for some of the others put them in greater jeopardy?

Another thing to consider is goal scoring....what you say, well I'll say it again goal scoring. Sides need a proven goal scorer and laugh as you may I would just draw your attention to the top three teams who by the way are the only teams averaging more than a goal a game! All three of these teams have at least 4 goals if not more from their strikers this season and over 50 per cent are coming from the from line. Now look at the seven teams below these three and the most goals from any team is three and that is for the whole team. Six of the teams have 2 or less goals which is under a goal in every two games.  One thing is certain you wont win games if you don't score goals. It seems to be clear then that a finisher or scorer is required and getting that elusive goal scorer may well make the difference in staying up.  

Will the bottom two come from these teams? Well last season three of the top four after 5 games finished in the top four.  The team at the bottom was the team at the bottom after 18 as well. The team third bottom after five was relegated. So last season two of the bottom three after five games went down. It may seem doom and gloom but things can change as Manchester United were second bottom after five games and they turned it around to climb to 5th at the season end. 


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