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Club History

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Right I am trying to set up club histories so you can see how your club has done in previous seasons.

I have started and will be doing club by club over next few months. 

So far Arsenal, Aston Villa and Burnley are done. You can view it by hitting More in the header bar. Then click the Clubs option.

This will show you the clubs done so far. To view the history choose the club you want then select Topics then Club History.

You will then see the history for that club. Please note I don't have season 1 & 2 as before my time and also different season had more or less teams hence games played is different. To level it up and for a bit of fun you will see a win percentage for the club and average points per game.

I have also included Youth history as well and remember the youth set up did not start until season 9.

I will post in this thread now and again to advise when I have added some more teams histories.

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6 hours ago, Neilr said:

Well they are there, but not all that easy to read with no formatting for what look likes should be a small tables of stats.

@Neilr this is what I see for Bournemouth


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My mistake. I was in the Bournemouth Forum not the Bournemouth Post/Topic.

It looks good. (well the format does, the contents for Bournemouth leaves a lot to be desired - apart from season six, that at least was respectable).

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