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Lotto Result 30/11/18

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The winning numbers were:- 03 10 12 23 26 The winning team numbers are 01 & 12

Premier League Winners are 01 NO WINNER & 12 Sunderland

Division One Winners are 01 Watford & 12 Southampton

Week Prizes

03 100ST abs to youth keeper

10 One Fitness Reset Pack

12 15SH abs to senior striker

23 60TK abs for youth defender

26 $500,000 to credit fund

@Tony @Eduardo @Tom have until 23:59 on Wednesday 12th December 2018 to advise which prize they wish to claim. Please note that if choosing abs or secondary increase you MUST state the player and which skill to add to.

Failure to respond in timescale will result in prize being lost.

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