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Round 10 Results

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  Burnley 1 - 1 Crystal Palace
   J_Shelvey (7)       L_Digne (8 og)
                       Injured: R_Duarte* (20)


the palace manager didnt even turn up and we still couldnt win which means we are sat bottom we get win so we are going down if i cant beat a team whos manager doesnt even turn up 

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Reds 2 -0 Red Devils

Quality performance against a very strong outfit. We controlled the game and got the goals needed to get the win. After a scoreless first half we picked up pace in second half and scored two great goals. Jimmy Mahon opened the score five minutes after the break before Benjamin Woodburn made sure of the win five minutes before full time. It was his first senior goal after being promoted from U21 football.

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1 hour ago, Tom said:

Huge victory for Ed and I think that wraps up the league for them. Well played.

What!! how dare you say such a thing. We at Everton will fight to the bitter end to retain the title even if it does look next to hopeless. 

We still have eight games to go which is a possible maximum 24 points and the Reds are only 8 points ahead at the moment.

Sorry @Eduardo but I'm not conceding the title yet. If we can win in the derby in Match 12 even if it is at your place then we will be closer and who knows what yet may happen.

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Everton 1 Leicster City 0

Have to say @willz121 you were very unlucky in this one. I expected you would go more at the back and went an AM and two strikers to try and get the game but we were outplayed in a game dominated by you in possession. We only had two chances all game which is testament to your teams defending. The difference was we finished one of our two and scrapped a win. 

We need to be a lot better if we want to try and close the gap on Liverpool.

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