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Round 2 Leg 2 Results

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Matches and Stats

Missing Sheets

Stoke & Chelsea - T Given

Randoms - Spurs, Wolves, Bournemouth, Man Utd & Southampton - requested.

Sheet Errors

ycr - K_McKechnie (ycr) doesn't exist in the roster file.
yqp - N_Hamelainen (yqp) doesn't exist in the roster file.
ybu - error in penalty kick taker of ybu.

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Crystal Palace 1 - 1 Queens Park Rangers

We go through 3-2 on aggregate but we made hard work of it and QPR were always in with a chance of taking it to extra time if they had managed to grab a second. 

With making  a number of changes to the side compared to the last league game, we are happy to make it through to the next round.

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  Burnley U21s 2 - 0 Chelsea U21s
 T_Chakwana (3)
 C_Hill (37)
  Missed Pen: T_Chakwana (81)

happy to progress to the next round even though the chelsea manager never turned up i want to go as far as i can in this competition 

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Manchester United U21 4 (4) - 1 (5) Watford U21

United are a goal up with the first action of the game and 2 up before 20 minutes are played. Watford reply soon after but immediately concede again and we are 3-1 down and only 30mins have been played. Now I'm worried and when United score their 4th not long after the restart I'm sure Watford are being bundled out of the YDL Cup in ignominious fashion having surrendered a 4 goal cushion. But the goals for United dry up and the heart rate returns to normal.

Keen to see the final stats because we have been destroyed.Imagine my surprise to see 50/50 possession and 12 shots on target to 6, except that Watford has the 12 shots on target. Watford has had issues defensively and offensively in the league but that's absolutely crazy.

Happy to progress but I don't think we'll survive another cup game like that next round.

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Spurs U21s (2) 2 - 5 (7) Reds U21s

2-0 up after the first game and this one was a very open game. A strange one in my book as well. There was 7 shots on target for the whole game and all of them went in. Reo Griffiths sent the home side in front but Toni Gomes leveled the score three minutes later. In the 13th minute Shayon Harrison gave the host the lead once again and this time it took us seven minutes to level the score when Brooks Lennon made it 2-2. It was a draw at half time but three goals inside fifteen minutes secured the win for us. Salvatore Mazzaferro earned us the lead for the first time in the game when he scored ten minutes into second half. Subtitute Selok Michez scored a brace inside two minutes to secure a great 5-2 win for us and a place in the next round

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