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sunderland manager facing uncertain future

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With Sunderland's premier league fate resting on the last 2 games of the season, to add more pressure to the games, rumour flying around this morning the board have told manager Tony Ayre, that if the club are not a premier league team next season, his job security is on the line, and a meeting will take place as to whether or not he is the right man for the job. 

Tony Ayre has been with the Sunderland side for a number of years now, and has built them up from the bottom, gaining promotion with the side a few seasons ago via the play offs, whilst being relegated is not the end of the world for the club, being in The FMFAs top division is a priority and the club will do what they can to secure their survival, despite the fact they entertain the newly crowned champions in Liverpool followed by an away derby vs Newcastle. 

The last 2 games of the season are very hard, but it is these games that we live for, that we thrive on and we will go for the win. Leicester have proven Liverpool are not an untouchable side, and they can be beaten, so Sunderland will analyse what Leicester did and take the positives and work at it during training. 

An upside story for the Sunderland season is they find themselves in an FMFA cup semi final vs Arsenal, which is a game they are confident they can win and will also be confident of it being a trophy they can lift with a lot of the major sides already out of the competition. 

The last 2 weeks of the season are set to be a massive 2 weeks for the club but the manager Tony Ayre has urged fans to get behind the side and push them to safety by being the twelfth man on every game day left in the season. 

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