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Everyone is back in to enter.

The rules are: You have to select a team to win, a draw or loss and your out. If your team wins then you then pick again but you can't pick a team you have previously used in the round.

This season as last we will score you, so you get a point for a correct guess and $100,000 to credit fund and 1 bonus point for the last man standing each round. The Last man Standing will then get $500,000 to credit fund for winning the round.

The overall season winner will get a 18 rated youth player (they can choose position). Second will get £5,000,000 to finances.

Free to enter so what you got to lose people.

@BantamHD @stocko74 @GaryG @willz121 @Eduardo @Tom @harry51 @Joe @Tony @Nocky @Neilr @Aldridge @Deefa @Burrows @BeDoZa @Daniel @macca @ThisBitchBites

Only 8 fixtures due to Carabao Cup Final

Friday 22nd February 2019
19:45 Cardiff v Watford
19:45 West Ham Utd v Fulham
Saturday 23rd February 2019
12:30 Burnley v Tottenham
15:00 Bournemouth v Wolves
15:00 Newcastle v Huddersfield
17:30 Leicester v Crystal Pal
Sunday 24th February 2019
14:05 Arsenal v Southampton
16:00 Manchester United v Liverpool

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Well well well a few took Tottenham and they lost so it has knocked a few out on first guess.

Out are @Aldridge @Nocky @Tony @Neilr who went Spurs, @macca as Leicester lost and @Daniel as Wolves drew

Through with a winning pick are: @willz121 @David @harry51 @Eduardo @BeDoZa @stocko74

OK then you can't pick the team you used in first guess and the fixtuires are:-

Saturday 2nd March 2019
12:30 Tottenham v Arsenal
15:00 Bournemouth v Manchester C
15:00 Brighton & Huddersfield
15:00 Burnley v Crystal P
15:00 Manchester Utd v Southampton
15:00 Wolves v Cardiff
17:30 West Ham v Newcastle
Sunday 3rd March 2019
12:00 Watford v Leicester
14:05 Fulham v Chelsea
16:00 Everton v Liverpool

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Right then all are through to next round except @willz121 who did not submit.

So @Eduardo @stocko74 @BeDoZa @harry51 @David all pick again but not either team they have used so for.

Fixtures are 

Saturday 9th March 2019
12:30 Crystal Pal v Brighton
15:00 Cardiff v West Ham Utd
15:00 Huddersfield v Bournemouth
15:00 Leicester v Fulham
15:00 Newcastle v Everton
15:00 Southampton v Tottenham
17:30 Manchester City v Watford
Sunday 10th March 2019
12:00 Liverpool v Burnley
14:05 Chelsea v Wolves
16:00 Arsenl v Manchester Utd

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