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burnley glee and despair

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burnley manager has spoke after he has mixed emotions about this season after the 1st team failed to stay in the league and got relegated but the youths did the double winning the league and the cup . i am gutted that i failed my 1st team and couldnt keep them in the big league which for me is not acceptable and any other time i would of quit and let someone else do a better job , but with the success of my youths i have decided to stay on and try get back up at the 1st ask . i have already made a few deals selling a couple of my big players and bringing younger players in but i will reveal that soon . my youths have had a superb season and in my eyes have overacheived and gone beyond what i want for them . to win the league and the  cup in the same season is a fantastic season and is the main reason i am not quitting burnley . but i will be under pressure to defend my title and try repeat the success of this season and will need to improve my youths as some of them now may move up to my 1st team . but for now i can enjoy my youths success and try bring the good times back to the 1st team  and go straight back up 

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