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With the introduction of U23's and the new FMFA Sales market the Shop has been adjusted. 


1: Extra Injury/Suspension Pack$5,000,000 credits. - Buy a pack to reduce an injury or suspension to a player by 1.

2: Extra Fitness Pack - $5,000,000 credits - Buying a fitness pack will reset one player's fitness back to 100. 

3: Move Your Credit Fund to main club Finances -  Change your credit fund over to your finances, allowed in multiples of £1m only.

4: Scouting - Cost is $5,000,000 credits (from your credit fund) Teams are allowed one senior team scout a season.

The scout will come back with a player based on pricing below that you have requested. If you do not buy them you will still pay the scout cost.

GK 28/Outfield 24 Price = £30.00m
GK 29/Outfield 25 Price = £45.00m
GK 30/Outfield 26 Price = £65.00m
GK 31/Outfield 27 Price = £90.00m

The above price gets a player with 0-7 skills on seconds. 

To enhance the players quality and age please add as below;

23-19 = add £2m for each year below 24. (e.g. 19 year old = + £10m)

Secondary Skills
0-7 = Nil
7-13 = add £2m for each skill above 7. (e.g. 12 rated seconds = + £10m)

To Buy A Shop Item Please Start A Separate Thread Thread For It. e.g FITNESS PACK <<>> EVERTON

When Buying Fitness Packs, Injury Suspension Packs State Player it is for. For Scout please advise player type you want eg 26DF 10 on shooting age 22.

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Scouts bought Season 13.




Please note: If you are in this list then you have used your scout for season 13 and can not scout again this season.

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