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Season 13 Anglo-American Caretaking

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This season we have four foreign teams in the Anglo-American Trophy who need caretakers. 

This competition starts with first group game on 21st April 2019.

atl.png.7243da9b23dd362d05399249654795a5.png Atlanta United (USA) - @Daniel

ame.jpg.cfbc9e9bfe26e6c90dd44daa39f80c82.jpg Club America (Mexico) - @willz121

rac.png.957c1509bf5d8aec1a2c850e48efc81b.png Palmeiras (Brazil) - @Tony

pal.png.43eeecd28dc1dc9855ccd897d0d53c79.png Racing Club (Argentina) - @Nocky

Please note that managers in this competition can not apply and failure to sheet will result in your sacking from the caretaking. role.

Please apply apply below stating which clubs you would like to caretake with a 1: & 2: choice.

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Right then only two applications so you both get the team you chose. 


@Tony will caretake Palmeiras


@willz121 will caretake Club America.


There are still two teams open for caretaking if anyone else wants to apply.

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