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U23 Cup Round 1 Leg 2 (10th April) - Build Ups

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U23 Cup Round 1 Leg 2



mnu.png.fd5c1e618ba3bfc6bc752c5a5ebaa441.png Manchester_United_U23 (0) v (0) Chelsea U23 che.png.9fdd34f01c25f37744fd7cfb9e8ef104.png

cry.png.5943c7f7d4d105bec85dda5b0b414c6a.png Crystal_Palace_U23 (2) v (0) Wolverhampton_U23 wol.png.7d480db739e663a4ee81bbca8d48aabc.png 

ths.png.7c048a3b588ff3cebecc2cc75a2e5406.png Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 (1) v (1) Arsenal_U23 arl.png.3b538544cbde1f598bcf3718818fca3e.png 

asv.png.96a87717118508c0eec5868200bc1060.png Aston_Villa_U23 (3) v (0) Sunderland_U23 sun.png.722095357dcb07853d80b32450d1ddd3.png

1st leg score in brackets


Sheets by 8pm on Wednesday 10th April 2018


Build-ups below please

Remember you get F£200,000 for a build-up

@Aldridge @Tom @ThisBitchBites @GaryG @BantamHD @Daniel @Tony @Nocky


Sheets received - team shown in bold

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2 hours ago, Daniel said:

We take a draw against arsenal in the first leg so need to close it out. David do away goals count?


Rule 4)  If after the two legs of the competition rounds the teams are level then away goals will apply and count double. If teams are still level after this then extra time will be played and then if required a penalty shoot-out.




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Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton Wanderers


We welcome Wolves for the 2nd leg of the u23 cup after securing a 2-0 win in the first leg. 


That clean sheet could prove crucial and with 2 away goals to boot, we expect Wolves to come and chuck everything at us however we are confident of getting a result and seeing us through to the next round of the compeititon.

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