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The FMFA League Cup Begins

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The League Cup in its third year is starting and last season’s winners mnu.png.f8981633fe396464641e4b4d109f660a.png Manchester United will not be defending their trophy as this season they qualified for the Anglo-American Trophy. In fact last season saw them beat cry.png.f0f7535a28baefe1187fb933f32ac458.png Crystal Palace in the final and they also qualified for the Anglo-American Trophy. That means we will see two new teams in the final and have a new name on the cup and a good chance it is a team that has not won it before as the only team in the tournament that has won it is wol.png.5b76a74a7a8b3266323987740ee785e5.png Wolverhampton Wanderers.

They will face off against premier ship arl.png.3c3aa2b002e61963c1ec81a9be8b3b5b.pngArsenal to try and win the trophy again. It is Arsenal’s first time in the cup can they win it at the first go?

The only other team in this time to reach a final is sun.png.6f5167344d4e5dfd16303fcb553d77c6.png Sunderland and they start off against mnc.png.1e4ded8570387d78777c6cb002ddda4c.png Manchester City in their bid to win it. City on the other hand has never got further than the Quarter Finals in this competition achieving it in both the previous years. They will want to see if they can go beyond that this time.

Last season’s beaten semi-finalists will both be looking to see if they can reach a final. stoke.png.7b3461befadfa80ca80298acae0fa43f.png Stoke City start their cup campaign against whu.png.7d88fdc307e36d8cdec01a0da8a90de1.png West Ham. The hammers have never got beyond the first round so can they do it this time? qpr.png.02892f738680a83fa9c334f63d2ce4bd.png Queens Park Rangers, the other semi-finalist, start out facing bur.png.ac29eb1b1df17ac0b75f682073ef41b0.png Burnley at home and the Turf Moor mob’s best in this competition is a quarter final last season.

Elsewhere we have lei.png.e0df14bad32211781a9e59a92f8bcd70.png Leicester taking on sou.png.843a98d21791c7e3cdb577be4bb05c64.png Southampton and both these teams have managed the quarter finals before. Then we have new.png.56395aeef90e5c2f9569ef92d331ea58.png Newcastle against che.png.d7187a433d77eac9e3efb75ac57dbc3e.png Chelsea which sees cup first timers Newcastle against a team that hasn’t yet gone beyond round 1. Next we have wat.png.552eaa6f3a9505d75036626a1edc7615.png Watford versus asv.png.218fbf5154d9af5e4d1f04db699a9588.png Aston Villa and these two met in Season 11 in the quarter final with Villa coming out on top, can they beat Watford again? The final game sees ths.png.a1dfa6b054efc4df25aea2a59b60acf7.pngTottenham pitted against bou.png.4a32109c453a80f825458f7c029e6764.png Bournemouth in a game of two teams that have fallen at the first round whenever they have been in this cup?


Just who will make the next round and who will lift the trophy? The battles start on Sunday.

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