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European Qualification

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Right just so teams are aware this is who has qualified and still to sort:


Anglo-American Champions League Season 14

Qualified: Liverpool, Manchester United and Aston Villa


As Everton are in the current season's final, if they win that then they qualify as winners to defend the title. This would mean Sunderland would drop to Anglo-AmericanTrophy.

Should Everton lose then Sunderland qualify for the Anglo-American Champions League


Anglo-American Trophy Season 14

Qualified: Leicester City (FMFA League Cup Winners), Crystal Palace (5th In League) 


Still to sort: Sunderland or Arsenal will qualify by league position depending on outcome of current season Anglo final. If Everton win it then Sunderland will qualify but if not then Arsenal will qualify and Sunderland will be in the Champions League.

The winner of the FMFA Cup qualifies which is Liverpool or Everton.

If Liverpool win it then next in the league qualifies instead however If Everton win the current Anglo-American Trophy then it will be Arsenal. If not it would be Everton on league place.

If Everton win the FMFA Cup and win the Anglo-American then they go into Champions League and Arsenal will qualify.



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After Anglo-America Final this is now sorted


Anglo-American Champions League Season 14:

Liverpool, Manchester United, Aston Villa & Everton (qualify as holders)


Anglo-American Trophy

Leicester City (FMFA League Cup Winners)

Sunderland & Crystal Palace

Arsenal (qualify as FMFA Cup winners are in Champions League)

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