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Caretakers for American Teams in Anglo-American Competitions

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As ever the American teams in the Anglo-American competitions need caretakers for the Champions League and Trophy. 


Anglo-American Champions League

atl.png.a223138ac602fe65d46a84ec241f733a.png Atlanta United 

pal.png.3b0d8b95bf3f5922ba3274ca766523ee.png Palmeiros

rac.png.fdc185dc2d54940cc5d47749477688fd.png Racing Club

tig.png.1bd374dbf1ecee208408a4c535ddf0c8.png Tigres


Anglo-American Trophy

ame.jpg.53c8b688f48fd014861683e2ce6ca51c.jpg Club America

cru.png.c54f3c1515827f3cd057a661eb088db4.png Cruziero

por.png.8ded917eb47ad952f4ed81cb8f4e71a5.png Portland Timbers

ros.png.5e9a32bd17e794383d0b9576d9e04f76.png Rosario Central


The rosters for any of these teams can be viewed in the rosters section off the main bar at http://www.thefmfa.com/data/rosters/Anglo-American/


Please do not apply for a team if your main team is in that competition. Priority will be given to managers not in the competition.

Apply below with your first and second preferences please.


Please note the competition for both these kicks off on Wednesday 25th September with first group game.

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