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We have now changed the format of the Club Pages to make it easier to update and follow hopefully.


The new format will mean an opening page of club information giving current manager, current leagues for teams the club has in FMFA, how those teams fared last season (which will be season 13 at moment) and previous managers of the club.


There will then be an Honours page showing club honours (leagues and trophies won) then a breakdown of competition showing best achievement in each.


This will then be followed by League History which will show season by season how club has dome in league and then 

Cup History showing season by season cup achievement in all cup competitions.


I have started redoing all pages on this format and as I complete a club you will get an invite to your club page if you haven't already joined. You don't have to join as you should be able to view the clubs anyway.

So far Arsenal, Aston Villa and Derby County are completed on the new format. 

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