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Season 15

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I know we are not half way through this season but we like to keep you informed and also always looking at ideas and things to improve the game, freshen it up etc.

That said please remember this is not a dictatorship and if any managers have any ideas or concerns regarding the game then please do contact me @David or @Daniel and let us know. Believe me some managers do and they know we do listen and will change things where we are wrong or it is a good idea.


Anyway back to Season 15.

We will be changing the format of the FMFA Cup from next season. It is currently a one leg tie and the 8 teams who qualify for Anglo competitions get a bye to the second round. It has been bugging me that maybe this isn't a fair way. So from next season all teams are in the draw for the first round but 8 will get a bye and that is any team. Secondly the competition will change to two legged ties so both teams will have a home tie and home advantage for one game. That will be all rounds bar the final which will remain a one leg tie on a neutral ground with no home advantage.


As when any more changes are sorted and made definite we will post in here.

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