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Quarter Final Leg 2 Results

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Watford U23 2 (2) - 0 (1) Manchester City


Strong performance at home to turn around a 1 goal deficit. Solid game for Folivi who earned a skill up with the winning goal. I had been unsure whether he would be kept or traded at season's end but Folivi keeps providing in these big games and leaning towards keeping him now.

Watford march into a semi final (I believe for the first time whilst I have been in charge). The team is on a good roll but with only 3 other teams left, whoever is next will be very difficult.

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Sunderland U23s 0 - 2 West Ham United U23s


T_Alonso (20 pen,58) Sent Off: A_Dobra (48)


we was 2 0 down from the 1st leg so had no chance team isnt good enough so time to try get out of the league now 

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