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The Race For The Premiership

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The Race For The Premiership


Three games left and there are still five teams in the hunt for the automatic spots to get promotion to the Premiership.

In the main seat and holding all the cards, as they say, is Watford on 40pts and with a 6 point advantage on third place and 8 points on fourth place who are the two teams outside the automatic spots that could catch them.

A win would virtually seal the deal but four points from nine and the promised land is theirs. To get there though they need to pick these points up away at Norwich, who can still make the play off spots, then at home to fifth placed Tottenham who can mathematically make the automatic places and then travel to fourth placed Southampton.


West Ham in second place are two points closer to the two behind and not as easy fixtures either as after an away trip to Sheffield United they have then to play both third and fourth place in a real fight for the automatic spots. They will need two wins to be sure.


Bournemouth in third have the best chance to grab an auto spot but at four points behind and with goal difference to much between them they need to win at least two games and most likely all three and hope for a West Ham slip elsewhere. Apart from facing West Ham at their place in the last game they will need to go to Derby and then host Sheffield United.


Southampton in fourth need a real help with other games. They need West Ham to lose all three games and Bournemouth to lose one of their three remaining while they win all three.  That means they need to win at fifth placed Tottenham, home to West Ham and then beat Watford in the last match.


Spurs very slight hopes lie in both the top two losing all their remaining games and then Bournemouth to only beat West Ham while also need ing Southampton to really only win against West Ham. They firstly though have to win their next one at home to Saints or it is all over for auto for them.


So far as the play offs go then only QPR, Derby County and Brighton are mathematically out of it. Burnley are for all intents and purposes out as they are 8 goals adrift of Sheffield United in the last play-off spot so would need them to lose all three by more goals than they win their final three and win them they must and even then they would only be on the same points and there are two other teams nearer so they need results to go their way. In all likelihood the only teams with a real chance of a play off spot apart from those who can make the auto spots are Sheffield United and Norwich City.

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So game 20 is no over and the table is 

Pl   Team                      P    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1    West_Ham_United          20   13   2   5    33   12   21    41 P
2    Watford                  20   12   5   3    23   12   11    41 P
3    Bournemouth              20   10   4   6    25   19    6    34
4    Tottenham_Hotspur        20   10   3   7    36   20   16    33
5    Southampton              20    9   5   6    25   28   -3    32
6    Norwich_City             20    8   5   7    22   26   -4    29
7    Sheffield_United         20    7   7   6    21   22   -1    28
8    Manchester_City          20    6   7   7    14   17   -3    25
9    Burnley                  20    4   7   9    21   30   -9    19
10   Queens_Park_Rangers      20    4   6  10    14   22   -8    18
11   Brighton                 20    4   4  12    14   25  -11    16
12   Derby_County             20    3   5  12    14   29  -15    14

What is now decided is West Ham ( @macca ) and Watford ( @BeDoZa ) are both promoted to the premiership automatically but which one will be Champions is yet to sort and they are neck and neck.


The interesting battle now ensues as six teams can still make the play-offs. 

Bournemouth ( @Neilr ) are almost sorted with a spot and draw from either of their last two games at home to Sheffield United or away at West Ham will get them home. 

Tottenham ( @Daniel ) and Southampton ( @Rivaldo10 ) both just need a win to seal their spots. Spurs need to beat either Watford away or QPR at home while Saints have a harder task with the top two to face in the last two games.

Norwich City hold the final spot at present but they have Sheffield Utd a point behind so can't afford to relax. The saving grace for them is it is in their own hands. Win against QPR and Burnley and what the two behind do won't matter.


Sheffield United ( @Ruggy ) need to win both and hope that Spurs, Saints or Norwich slip up. There best bet is Norwich as they need the other two to lose both games to be sure. They face Bournemouth next then Manchester City.

Manchester City (  @Deefa )  are outsiders needing a miracle really as there maximum now is 31 points which would only get them to 6th spot but only if Norwich & Sheffield United blow it in the final games then you just never know.


More updates after the next round of games or Match 21.

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Well then Round 21 sorted out few things.

The title would now appear to be West Ham's @macca as Watford slipped up and with three points in front and a better goal difference of thirteen it needs a massive miracle for Watford to win the title but they are up to the Premiership next season @BeDoZa.

The play-offs aren't fully sorted but a much clearer picture. Bournemouth @Neilr, Tottenham @Daniel, and Southampton @Rivaldo10 are all in the play-offs (final place still to be sorted though). That leaves one spot to fill and it is down to two teams Norwich and Sheffield United to fight for it. Norwich are in the spot now so hold the aces and a win at home to Burnley seals their play off spot. Slip up with a draw or loss and Sheffield United could nab it. They will need to beat Manchester City at home though.


In a quirk of fate we have Derby @Dazoctaron and Brighton @willz121 fighting for the wooden spoon and they play each other in the final game. Derby are at home and a win will lift them above Brighton.

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