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Jet Cup Sign Up


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Every pre-season the FMFA runs the pre-season Jet Cup. This is to test tweaks to the generator and also give new managers some practice. Sheeting record is a bit patchy so we have the following incentive.


There will be a prize of 100 abs for each match you play in, plus an extra 100 abs for the winner. IF you sheet this will be doubled meaning there is a potential 1,200 abs to gain if you win the Jet Cup and sheet for every game. Every team will be guaranteed at least 300 (600 if you sheet). Random sheets are treated as missing, if you ask for a random you won't get the bonus.


Please reply to this thread if you are interested in participating. Deadline is Friday 28th

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7 teams is a great start. We need at least 8 to progress, and I will be honest anymore than 8 will result in extra abs as I am only doing 2 groups so if a group has 5 teams thats 400 abs instead of 300 (without double bonus!)


I will put a limit on 12 teams max for this tournament. 8 min. If we get an odd number I will add a team from the American selection.

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