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Promoted U23 Player to SENIOR SQUAD


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This item will allow you to increase the rating on a promoted U23 player by 1 on the Main Skill.


COST: F£7,500,000 Credits




You may only use this on a player who is aged 23 or less and has a rating of 29 for Goalkeeper or 25 for Outfield Player and no more than 300abs on the main skill.

You may only increase the rating by a maximum of 2 taking a player to 31 for Goalkeeper or 27 for Outfield Player and if you increase by 2 you will need to have bought two of this item.


If you do increase one player by 2 then you will then only have 1 left to use in a season and so increase a player to 30 for Goalkeeper or 26 for Outfield player.

You may use all three during the season to increase 3 players by 1 or 1 player by 2 and another by 1.


When you buy this item YOU MUST post in Purchases Requested stating how many of the item you wish and which player it is to go on.

eg. Two purchased to go on Joe Bloggs or One purchased to go on Joe Bloggs. 

nb. The player MUST be in your SENIOR TEAM roster.


They will be actioned weekly with the transfers and the credits will be removed before the item is actioned. 

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