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FMFA WPL - Coming Soon Register Your Interest

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The FMFA is looking at introducing a WPL (and associated cup) and are inviting all FMFA teams to register interest in running a womens team.


The generator for the WPL will be female orientated (she shoots rather than he shoots etc) and the team will be affiliated to your mens team. If your t aem has a real life womens team then that name will be used along with any associated stadiums otherwise the FMFA will pick the team name.


The league will use real life players however it will be done by a random allocation that will put all teams on an even start. Each team will also be given a transfer budget and there will be seasonal auctions etc. Basically it will be like the mens league but run separate.


There is no cost to you having a womens team but you will be expected to manage (and sheet) for them.


NB Credits will be earned but will be usable across alll teams you control (ie you can use credits earned from media posts for your mens team to buy things for your womens team and vica verca).


Statement of interest closes on July 23rd


1 - Leeds United

2 - Wolverhampton Wanderers

3 - Everton

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8 teams have entered which means this will be launched. Won't be anytime soon though lots to set up so aiming to get it started with the start of next season so if anyone else wants a team get one in.

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