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U23 Changes For Season 18 - Please Read


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After a vote by managers it was decided that the U23's was still wanted but somethings needed changing.

We hope we have listened and the changes below will go some way to helping resolve the issues managers had.


The U23's will change back to 2 division and U23 Cup will stay in current format with groups at start - This was the majority decision voted for by managers.



Managers said that there were too many players that they had that were deadwood and sat doing nothing with no hope of development.

To help this we have announced in Season 18 Changes that the age limit for FMFA Sales will reduce to allow both 20 raters to be sold and 20 year olds as well (current season 17 limit is 21 rated and 21 year olds)


Player Development

Manager felt it was hard to get players developed who would make the senior teams.

To help this the following changes will come in for season 18.


1) Playing an U23 Player in the Senior Team.

In order to help develop those promoted to senior teams we will be giving abs to the player based on the minutes they play in the senior team.

The player must be aged 23 or below and rated 25 or 26 on their main skill.

Then every minute they play will earn abs as below:

2000+ mins = 2000 abs 

1500-2000 mins = 1500 abs

1000-1500 mins = 1000 abs

500-1000 mins = 500 abs

Players only earn the minutes towards abs while they are U23 and 26 rated or less and played in a senior game.


That means as an example a 26 rater could become a 28 rater with those abs if they are played.  

It is up to the manager to decide if they want to develop the players by playing them or not?


2) Increase secondaries you can buy in member shop from 6 to 8 in a season.

The same restrictions apply to this in that most on a player is 3 but the extra gives chance to develop a player further in the U23's.

The cost of one secondary will remain at current price of 2,000,000 credits.


3) Sheeting bonus of credits.

 If you sheet all for 50- 75% of games then you get 5,000,000 enough to say to add one on a main on a player

 If you sheet for 75% to 99% of games then you get £7,500,000 credits, enough say to buy a promoted player 1 rating increase

 If you sheet for 100% of games then you get £15,000,000 credits enough say to pay for promoted player 2 rating increase


4) Loan players out for season and get abs on them

Loan an U23 player out for the season and they get abs.

Half a season = 500 abs and Full Season = 1000abs.

This will be a new item in the shop and costs to be decided.


5) There will be no capping on prize abs awarded

This means you can add the abs on the player you wish to a maximum of 1000 on main and 1000 on secondary.

Please remember though if the abs added makes them a 25 rater then they will be promoted to senior side.


On top of the above you still have available in the Shop


where you can up the main skill on any U23 player up to a 24 rating max. You can buy 2 of these a season

B) Promoted U23 Player to SENIOR SQUAD

Increase the main skill on a promoted player. You can buy 3 a season and max you can add is 2 to a player taking them to a 27 rater.

C) Play a 19 rater or below for 60mins in an u23 game and get abs.

This will change back to 50abs for each game due to increase in games next season. Once re-rates are done a review will take place to see if needs changing to 20rater or less.


The admin team hope you will agree that we have taken on board what managers have said and the above will go some way to giving managers the chance to develop players.



@Nocky @Matt @Burrows @Jason Fortune @willz121 @Eduardo @Tom @harry51 @David H @BeDoZa @macca @Redblueeagle @stocko74 @Graham @Dazoctaron @Daniel @Deefa @Tony McCleary @Joe @Todd @Alberti @Neilr @ThisBitchBites


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On 10/5/2021 at 12:49 PM, David said:

In order to help develop those promoted to senior teams we will be giving abs to the player based on the minutes they play in the senior team.

The player must be aged 23 or below and rated 25 or 26 on their main skill

Rated 29 or 30 for GK?

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47 minutes ago, Todd said:

So to be sure, 23 and under? 26/30gk rated cap in youths this season and two overage allowed? Meaning I could send all my young 15s down?

No 24 and under is the cap. You can play 2 25r overrated for free or 1 26r abs you can buy 1 extra slot

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Why not? 

If you were to play Ledger, Godfery, Lewis and Abu in your seniors this season and let them accumulate 2000+ minutes they'd all be 27 rated at EOS. Factor in ab gains and EOS youth rerates and Lewis and Ledger would be pretty close to 28 rated. 

Not a particular strong back line this season but the season after, more than adequate.

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10 hours ago, Todd said:

So I have useless 15s that never will get a game in my team 😞

You could use credits to upgrade 3 to 26rs or 1 to 26r and 1 to 27r


You could demote 2 to the U23s and buy a slot to demote a 3rd


You could play them and gain abs for the minutes they play for next season


You could sell them at over £25m each!


I’d say plenty of options

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