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  1. Premier League (Match 9) Watford - Chelsea Bournemouth - Aston_Villa Newcastle_United - Leicester_City Everton - Burnley West_Ham_United - Manchester_United Liverpool - Tottenham_Hotspur Division One (Match 13) Brighton - Wolverhampton Wanderers Leeds United - Norwich City Derby County - Crystal Palace Manchester City - West Bromwich Albion Southampton - Arsenal Stoke_City - Brentford Sheffield United - Queens Park Rangers U23 Premier League (Match 3) Leicester City U23 v Aston Villa U23 Everton U23 v Burnley U23 Southampton U23
  2. Premier League (Match Eight) Aston_Villa - Watford Leicester_City - Chelsea Burnley - Bournemouth Manchester_United - Newcastle_United Tottenham_Hotspur - Everton Liverpool - West_Ham_United Division One (Match 12) Norwich City - Brighton Crystal Palace - Wolverhampton Wanderers West Bromwich Albion - Leeds United Arsenal - Derby County Brentford - Manchester City Queens Park Rangers - Southampton Sheffield United - Stoke_City
  3. Anglo-American Champions League Group A Boca Juniors v Everton Flamengo v Manchester United Group B Monterrey v Liverpool Columbus Crew v Aston Villa Anglo-American Trophy Group A Palmeiras v Tottenham Hotspur Seattle Sounders v Leicester City Group B River Plate v Arsenal Tijuana v Watford League Cup Round 2 Leg 1 Ties to be announced U23 Cup (Group Game 7) Group E West Ham United U23 v Derby County U23 Bournemouth U23 v Aston Villa U23
  4. Premier League (Match 7) Watford - Leicester_City Aston_Villa - Burnley Chelsea - Manchester_United Bournemouth - Tottenham_Hotspur Newcastle_United - Liverpool Everton - West_Ham_United Division One (Match 11) Brighton - Crystal Palace Norwich City - West Bromwich Albion Wolverhampton Wanderers - Arsenal Leeds United - Brentford Derby County - Queens Park Rangers Manchester City - Sheffield United Southampton - Stoke_City U23 Premier League (Match 2) Burnley U23 v Leicester City U23 Sheffield United U23 v Aston Villa U23 Liverpo
  5. David

    No Games

    No Games today as it is my Birthday and my kids will be over to see me etc. so unlikely to get chance to run them. Thanks for your understanding.
  6. Premier League (Match 6) Burnley - Watford Manchester_United - Leicester_City Tottenham_Hotspur - Aston_Villa Liverpool - Chelsea West_Ham_United - Bournemouth Everton - Newcastle_United Division One (Match 10) West Bromwich Albion - Brighton Arsenal - Crystal Palace Brentford - Norwich City Queens Park Rangers - Wolverhampton Wanderers Sheffield United - Leeds United Stoke_City - Derby County Southampton - Manchester City
  7. Anglo-American Champions League Group A Everton v Manchester United Boca Juniors v Flamengo Group B Columbus Crew v Monterrey Aston Villa v Liverpool Anglo-American Trophy Group A Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur Seattle Sounders v Palmeiras Group B Watford v Arsenal Tijuana v River Plate League Cup Round 1 Leg 2 Derby County v Bournemouth Brentford v Chelsea U23 Cup (Group Game 7) Group E Brighton U23 v West Ham United U23 Derb
  8. Tottenham Hotspur U23 v Norwich U23 With two games left in the group we need a miracle of sorts but a win here would start that. Spurs are second in the group and we have yet to win a cup game and the best we have had is two draws. Still miracles can happened, can't they.
  9. It has been highlighted that there have been players in the U23 teams that breech the new guidelines Those breeches have now been moved to the relevant Senior teams. It was an oversight on my part and not the managers involved. To ensure this hopefully doesn't happen again I will be doing the Admin Promotions due to rating up twice a week. This means any occurring after Wednesday's games will be promoted to seniors before the next games on a Saturday and the same with Saturday promotions as they will be done with weekend transfers before next games on a Wednesd
  10. Premier League (Match 5) Watford - Manchester_United Burnley - Tottenham_Hotspur Leicester_City - Liverpool Aston_Villa - West_Ham_United Chelsea - Everton Bournemouth - Newcastle_United Division One (Match 9) Brighton - Arsenal West Bromwich Albion - Brentford Crystal Palace - Queens Park Rangers Norwich City - Sheffield United Wolverhampton Wanderers - Stoke_City Leeds United - Southampton Derby County - Manchester City
  11. Premier League (Match 4) Tottenham_Hotspur - Watford Liverpool - Manchester_United West_Ham_United - Burnley Everton - Leicester_City Newcastle_United - Aston_Villa Bournemouth - Chelsea Division One (Match Brentford - Brighton Queens Park Rangers - Arsenal Sheffield United - West Bromwich Albion Stoke_City - Crystal Palace Southampton - Norwich City Manchester City - Wolverhampton Wanderers Derby County - Leeds United U23 Division 1 (Match 4) Manchester City U23 v Bournemouth U23 Arsenal U23 v Stoke City U23
  12. Please remember this bonus is for sheeting and if you don't and default to 442N then you don't get the bonus.
  13. League Cup Draw made. 14 teams bye to round 2 and 4 teams into round 1. 


  14. Anglo-American Champions League Group A Manchester United v Everton Flamengo v Boca Juniors Group B Monterrey v Columbus Crew Liverpool v Aston Villa Anglo-American Trophy Group A Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City Palmeiras v Seattle Sounders Group B Arsenal v Watford River Plate v Tijuana League Cup Round 1 Leg 1 Bournemouth v Derby County Chelsea v Brentford. U23 Cup (Group Game 6) Group A Everton U23 v Leeds United U23 Crystal Plac
  15. FMFA Cup Round 1 Leg 2 Crystal Palace v Bournemouth Stoke City v Arsenal Brighton v WBA Manchester City v Manchester United Brentford v Derby QPR v Sheffield United Leeds United v Tottenham Hotspur Southampton v Liverpool Leicester City v Norwich City Aston Villa v Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 Cup (Group Game 5) Group A Southampton U23 v Everton U23 Leeds United U23 v Crystal Place U23 Group B Newcastle United U23 v Liverpool U23 Tottenham Hotspur U23 v Norwich U23 G
  16. Premier League (Match 3) Watford - Liverpool Tottenham_Hotspur - West_Ham_United Manchester_United - Everton Burnley - Newcastle_United Leicester_City - Bournemouth Aston_Villa - Chelsea Division One (Match 7) Brighton - Queens Park Rangers Brentford - Sheffield United Arsenal - Stoke_City West Bromwich Albion - Southampton Crystal Palace - Manchester City Norwich City - Derby County Wolverhampton Wanderers - Leeds United U23 Premier League (Match 1) Leicester City U23 v Sheffield United U23 Burnley U23 v Liverpool U23 Aston Vill
  17. We are on social media platforms so managers who join any will get updates on there. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fmfamanager WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HYOHNMtuvc81KRYVXEkRHb Twitter: https://www,twitter.com/FMFAManager
  18. Premier League (Match 2) West_Ham_United - Watford Everton - Liverpool Newcastle_United - Tottenham_Hotspur Bournemouth - Manchester_United Chelsea - Burnley Aston_Villa - Leicester_City Division One (Match 6) Sheffield United - Brighton Stoke_City - Queens Park Rangers Southampton - Brentford Manchester City - Arsenal Derby County - West Bromwich Albion Leeds United - Crystal Palace Wolverhampton Wanderers - Norwich City U23 Division One (Match2) Crystal Palace U23 v Bournemouth U23 Queens Park Rangers U23 v Arsenal U23 Manchest
  19. I dunno there is a log I think in Admin CP. I just need time to look and sort. I tend to think Ed will be right as he is not one to get it wrong.
  20. @Raingod after your purchase of extra over rated slot for u23s you only have 4.9m credits. You need to look at who you want or need some more credits.
  21. @Eduardo I currently have you showing as having 17m credits not 35m
  22. No problem @BeDoZa it will be actioned over the weekend with finances/transfer
  23. Any queries on games in first instance to game runner please.
  24. Yep that's fine as they are in Champs League and Leicester are in Anglo Trophy
  25. Everton wish to buy a scout for 7.5m credits please.
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