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  1. What? I had 62m when I checked before posting the thread. 62m - 5m (youth scout) - 5m (over rated slot) = 52m credits. It cant be right.
  2. 5m credits for an extra over rated slot. Thanks, Eduardo
  3. Liverpool buy a U23 scout for 5m credits. Confirmed by Liverpool.
  4. Liverpool transfer 35m credits to 35m cash
  5. Liverpool wish to buy a scout for 7.5m credits please.
  6. @David - N_Abbey havent had his passing raised by three
  7. I can take on an AA Trophy team if needed be
  8. N_Abbey +3 passing O_Akgun +2 shooting J_Darius +1 passing 12m credits Confirmed by Reds
  9. O_Akgun +1 in passing J_Darius + 1 in shooting 10m credits Confirmed by Reds
  10. @David - might be me but not updated. In Bournemouth roster now on loan!
  11. Liverpool use 15,000,000 credits (2 x 7,500,000) T_Kronmuller - 2 main ratings Confirmed by Reds
  12. Well done @Jason Fortune @stocko74 and @Graham Only @Deefa left to fix it PS: @Graham when you get a free player before the season, your back to 31 players
  13. SQUAD CAPS All teams (senior and youth) must have at least 20 players on their roster. Teams must have no more than 30 players on their roster. If you have less than 20, a filler will be added to your team at a cost of £2,000,000 per week needed. If you have more than 30 players, you will have 1 week to reduce your squad size otherwise will have the player removed and auctioned. You will receive 50% of the value. If it is the last processing day of the window, a player will be removed and auctioned immediately. Manchester City - 19 @Deefa Fix it
  14. Ill try to help Cruzeiro to another trophy!
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