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  1. Can Sheffield purchase a Scout at price 7.5m credits thank you
  2. Won't take me long on it now
  3. Nice refreshing holiday for lads, happy to be back for next half of season, only big results only wanted from lads #comeonyoublades

  4. Tough Fixture tonight in cup, hopefully kane can get his first Hatrick '#Underdogs

  5. Third Time for us playing Wolves tonight, big expectations of the boys for the points #WeAreUnited #GoalsGalore

  6. Misread thought we needed to add abs first before rerates haha, all good
  7. B_Godfery 21 eng 1 23 14 3 23 300 85 838 439 B_Godfery 21 eng 1 23 15 3 23 300 85 288 439 - 450abs O_Greaves 19 eng 1 2 20 12 22 300 397 976 633 O_Greaves 19 eng 1 2 20 13 22 300 397 976 33 - 400abs
  8. Also does that mean goalkeepers go up one rating too?
  9. Agreed ^^ Maybe also implement another separate rule, players aged 17 - 20, over the set rating can stay in youths for a fee?(maybe something in member shop) for example O_Greaves 19 eng 1 2 24 11 22 300 385 111 111 reaches 24 and there are already two players in side that over the age and min rating then you can pay say 2mil credits to keep Greaves in the team for season. MAX of 3/5 players? Should increase media and also allow some youths who are still not good enough to reach starting squad get to stay in youth team ( of course there should be a rule that max rating
  10. Plenty players to trade with take a look at transfer market hit us up 


  11. Yeah David, another idea would be allocated abs would that help may stop a huge divide between each league would be allocation of abs? so using champ for example: 12th - 2000abs to add 11th - 1750abs to add 10th - 1750abs to add 9th-6th - 1500abs 5th-3rd- 1250abs 3rd-1st - 1000abs ?
  12. So continue losing, I'll get best player choice happy days But yeah good idea, as long as we avoid keepers? What would be the case on transfer of player? Would it be a case of they need to stay at club for season or would smaller clubs have a chance to trade them?
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