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  1. Can we increase M_Downing main stat by 1 please Cost - 5m credits
  2. Just to try an help out: On the 26th April when Ed posted his youth scout purchase he had 67.5m credits (from the log) - 5m youth scout - 5m extra youth slot - 35m cash total: -45m 67.5-45 = 22m left So it seems ok. I wonder if you took all the credits at once when you did the scout @David and then took a break and that slipped your mind when you started again. Either way I think it's fine and Ed should have 22.5m left (unless i've missed anything)
  3. C_Roberts 23 wal 2 12 24 12 21 480 52 723 701 Villa would like to add 2 secondaries to C_Roberts please. 1 TK and 1 SH to be a 13-24-13 Cost 4m credits Slots 1 and 2 of 6 for the season
  4. Villa wish to buy a scout for 7.5m credits please
  5. Villa would like to buy an extra over skilled / rated slot for the u23s Cost £5m credits
  6. 1. River (managed them to the semis last year and would love to try an go one better) 2. Seatlle 3. Palmeiras
  7. Villa would like to add 2 main stats to C_Seaman (just purchased from Liverpool) Cost: 15,000,000 credits Confirmed
  8. Good idea - thanks admin. Is there likely to be a change to the max rating allowed in the U23s as well?
  9. Nope but I’ll happily swap my squad for yours
  10. I completely agree with you on some of these points and as I said before - it's great to try something. I just think the gap is right at the top and what this will do is just close up the chasing pack. I don't think anyone could look at my squad vs, for instance, Burnley (3rd in Div 1) and say there is a massive difference there. If anything Burnley are better. Based on last season's prize money, if they finish 3rd and get promoted they'll get £22m plus then an extra £30m so £52m. Plus get to draft a 27r. If I finish 4th i'll get £28m and to draft a 26r. So, if anything, by this,
  11. I commend you trying to bridge the gap and i'm all for trying things out and doing things differently. So i'll be interested to see how this pans out. However, the big gap is from Liverpool (and maybe Man Utd) to the chasing pack and I don't think this will help. Take Liverpool: it is going to take a very good 28r to even get in their side. So the clubs at the bottom getting one more isn't really going to worry them too much. Same to a lesser degree with Man Utd. And if there is a top player they'll probably be able to buy them for a couple of their bench players. If a
  12. Villa would like to participate
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