Frequently Asked Questions

TDE2 stands for The Dugout Experience 2, which is an online football management game conducted via our forum and our website based at

ESMS stands for electronic soccer management simulator (at least, I think it does.) Sounds scary, but what it basically does is simulate the matches and produce results and match reports for us to read. It works quite similarly to Football Manager and games of that ilk, although obviously it’s a bit more simplistic.

Job listings are available on our website but applications are made on the forum, under the “Managerial Vacancies” heading you will see a forum listing the jobs that are available in each of our three leagues, in additional to international and European roles (see later). As I write this jobs are available only in Serie A but things change all the time and so even if you’re not keen on any of the jobs available, sign up and prove yourself at any of them and you’ll be moving on up soon enough.

Inside the forums there’s a thread for each club, choose a club or two to apply to and post in that topic, explaining why you want that specific job and what your plans are for the role. When choosing a job to apply for, you may want to look a clubs finances, squad and league position, which will be found either within the thread or on the left hand bar on the main page of the forum, e.g. Championship>Teams>MID.txt (For Middlesbrough’s roster)

Within 24-48 hours of making your application, a decision will be made. If you are the only applicant, you will receive a private message on the forum from one of the Moderators to either offer you the manager’s job or ask further questions depending on the detail of your original application. If there are other candidates, the FA will make a decision which will be posted on the forum: commiserations if you didn’t get it, but please do apply for further jobs.

If you do get the job, 1pswich posts a topic in the forum relevant for your decision announcing your arrival at the club and inviting you to hold your first press conference.

You are effectively the manager, chief executive and to a lesser extent chairman of your chosen team, you sign the players, pick the team and manage the clubs public relations and news output.

There is a board confidence feature in place where you can be sacked for poor performance, but this will generally only be at the end of a season. You can be sacked in mid-season if you fail to submit three teamsheets in succession, but more on this later.

TDE2 is a friendly league that thrives on the activity of its posters. The minimum we expect from you is to send in team sheets when you have a game and to be active in the transfer market. In order to impress other managers and in order for you to get more enjoyment from the game, it is always nice to see build-up and reaction to your games in the appropriate thread. Several managers on this site post detailed, well written build-up and that’s great to see, but even a few lines on a game will boost your enjoyment of this site and improve the site for everyone.

Conduct wise, TDE is a fairly liberal game in terms of language, as most football related sites are, but please keep it under control. Personal abuse outside of the context of fantasy management banter is not tolerated however, so use your common sense and think before posting.