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The Dugout Experience

TDE is an ESMS football management league that allows ordinary people to become the manager of their favourite football team within both the English Premier League and Championship.

You're in Control

You will have the chance to take charge of all aspects throughout the club, from wheeling and dealing within the transfer market to choosing your club's starting 11 for that all important derby match.

Friendly Community

Simply visit our forum, register and apply for a job. It really is that simple... So, what are you waiting for? If you have any questions, the forum is also the place to ask! We hope to have you on board soon.


willz121 (17)

Will Schoolar has enjoyed a rich history on TDE, winning 17 trophies with the likes of Sheffield United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Blackburn, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain and Leicester City.

Nocky (10)

Alex Nock has amassed an impressive 10 trophies during his time on TDE, achieving this feat with Liverpool, Swansea and also at international level with Spain.

Pezza / Eduardo (8)

Sharing third place is Daniel Perry and Eduardo, who have both accumulated 8 trophies each. Daniel has managed teams such as Liverpool, Aston Villa, Leicester and Argentina whilst Eduardo has taken charge of Internazionale, QPR and Blackburn.